6:13 am, May 28, 2015

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  • More whining
    If we could spend our way to prosperity than we would all be envious of Zimbabwe.
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  • whining
    Sunny D
    Well, a meat cleaver approach is not very smart either. If your upset about waste like the rest of us, why not just cut it and leave the stuff we need intact? I'm not pleased with the solution being as mindless as those in office. Sure we will see less money going to studying of cow farts, but will see the same percentage less going into health inspections for our foods.
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  • HUD & Sequestration
    I am not reading too much about how housing & housing services may be impacted by sequestration. With respect to HUD (Housing and Urban Development) we are looking at potential negative impacts to Housing Choice Vouchers, Shelter Programs (CoC), AIDS Programs, Native American Housing Loan Guarantees, Healthy Homes Lead Hazard Control, Foreclosure Prevention, deferred maintenance & repairs in Public Housing and also disbursement of Super Storm Sandy funds. Thanks for reading. Rob M - Albany, NY
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  • Here's what I'm wondering....
    Most of my work in DoD involves teams, with members from different parts of the agency, even from other agencies. This whole Integrated Team concept (e.g. with expertise from Personnel, Technical, Financial. Logisitcs areas, from different Services, different Components, etc) is fundamental to how projects are managed and schedules are maintained. I'm just wondering if all those people will have the same furlough days off, or if we'll be missing key people from the teams on any given day, and so will be unable to make much, if any progress. Mulitply this scenario over the entire government and it seems to make sense to put everyone, meaning everyone, on the same 4-day weekly cycle.
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