9:26 am, May 22, 2015

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  • GSA Expo cancelled
    Not a major surprise, but still big news.
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  • Proper actions taken and doing the right thing!
    It is good to read that at least one department is cutting back on their expenses. Maybe when the federal government can learn to live within their means, could again be able to spend money on such conferences. Too bad that Obama and his administration have NOT learned to stop spending more than they have. Maybe it is time he learned!
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  • Oh NO!
    Oh, no! No EXPO??? Whatever will we do now? The WORLD is coming to an end. What a joke. GSA won't even have any furloughs. The gov't has made itself into a laughing stock in the rest of the country. This will really anger people when they see what a crock of b.s. the whole sequestration non-cuts are. I foresee BIGGER cuts coming and a partial gov't shutdown in June.
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  • It's a big deal if you are a hotel in Orlando
    Mike McMike
    Or a restaurant on International Drive. The big question is who made the call and why. I suspect the White House intends to inflict pain to as many businesses as possible because it has already won the blame game. "It's the Republicans' fault! Full speed off the cliff!"
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  • GSA Actually CANCELED a Conferemce????
    "GSA is demonstrating leadership in these uncertain times..." More likely demonstrating leadership preservation. Last summer's situation- "The embattled General Services Administration (GSA) is facing investigations into as many as 77 conferences and awards ceremonies over the years..." Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/aug/1/gsa-scandal-widens-dozens-conferences-investigated/#ixzz2LiGdW2fv
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  • Does GSA Own a Training Department?
    Online guides or pamphlets can be used to assist GSA's vendors and customers. (But that's too easy and inexpensive.)
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