6:51 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • We're done....
    Big Joe
    We're done....but not for the obvious reasons. We've spent the last 4-5 years running from Government shutdown to CR over and over and over. The manpower and waste running these man made problems are staggering. Now we have sequestration a few weeks before another Government shutdown. We've focused less on our core mission the past few months and more on dotting all the legelese surrounding the sequester, the contract ramifications, and the planning with different possibilities (sequester, sequester with shutdown, sequester with shutdown with no contract support). The thousands of man hours and millions spent in preparing for shutdowns over and over are staggering....such waste....
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  • We're done....
    Big Joe, you are so correct. The federal financial waste could fund the civ pay coffers for a long time. Yet to be mentioned was the recent BRAC moves. My Agency spent MILLIONS to build a new facility and then paid PCS to civilians too boot. These costs will not be recooped for over a decade, if then.
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  • Perpetual Crisis or Crises
    We go from one crisis to another. With plenty of NASCAR and football to placate the masses ala the Coliseum. Hard to believe our own side will throw us over the cliff.
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  • Where's that reality check, we need it deposited
    Identify problem: Yearly spending greater than revenue in-take. Secondary problem: Adding to Nation's Debt (accumulated deficit) Tertiary problem: People wanting to blame someone else for first 2 problems. Recommended cures: a) after evaluating that cuts alone will not bring about desired outcome, establish agreement on basic revenue increases. (close loopholes in increasing order of value to purpose) b) Agree to a slowing of increases to outyear budgets, again, by increasing order of program value. c) Inform the citizens, that, reality has caused a revised estimate to their expectations, to include MIC, future SS and medicare and special interests. Do not compromise on the future when it comes to education and health. (just don't waste) d) Inform elected officials through media and social networks that, failing to improve their performance will result in their dismissal.
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  • WE'RE DONE...
    ...well done, that is...all week we're going to have to listen to the dire predictions of doom and gloom being hawked on every major news channel! Sequester? I'd rather go through that than listen to the political drama that's going to occur up until 11:59pm on March 1st! It's time for a viable 3rd political party and we're going to be screwed until then! They really think their inaction is going to bring me to the polls ever again? Doubt it!
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  • Inefficient
    Mike, Am rephasing programs to stay within budget which increases costs and decreases efficiency. Those who say that this will save the gov't money do not understand how the acquisition system works. Lot buys are being broken up for major items and will be re-bid in single lots driving costs through the roof. Far from saving money, the CR + Sequestration are a disaster for acquisition programs.
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  • Tell it to Congress and the President
    Supposedly the deficit has shrunk during the past year, so why create an artificial crises? I urge all to e-mail the President via whitehouse.gov urging him to talk to Congress and work out a solution. Not communicating with Congress is unacceptable. Then e-mail Speaker of the House John Boehner urging him to do his job instead of bowing down to the Tea Party. Boehner’s promise to keep any budget proposal off the House floor is also unacceptable. Lastly e-mail your Senators and Representatives urging them to urge their leadership to get the budget done.
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