6:59 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Wow
    So the gov't keeps telling us they can't do anything without 2% of the budget. Apparently those 2% are the only ones working and we should just can the other 98%.
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  • Under-Wowed
    That 98% includes Social Security and Medicare. You want to totally eliminate that?
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  • Genious
    No one is saying SSA or Medicare will suffer - WHY? Because those are exempt. What we keep hearing chicken little say is that no planes will fly, cuba will invade with no resistance, no home loans will be processed by the FHA, etc. All due to a 2% cut in those budgets, which is really just a reduction of the increase they were getting already. So tell me, what do the other 98% do in those agencies such that planes won't fly, we'll have no defense and loan processing will cease entirely? If that 98% can't handle it we're in deeper than anyone can imagine.
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  • Sequestration
    General Insight
    Make the cuts. Failure to make these lawful required cuts is malfeasance.
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