7:02 am, May 30, 2015

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  • No way to run the government
    It's unbelievable how politicians consistently complain about the government, but it's these elected officials that are the real problem. Grown men behaving like spoiled children!
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  • less money going into the local economy
    They (and all other federal employees) won't be buying gas that they won't be using to drive to work. They won't be spending money in DC on lunch, getting less dry cleaning, and spending money ELSEWHERE if they take those days and go elsewhere (by then, Ocean City will be nice enough).
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  • So,
    welcome to the club EPA. Aren't you glad you have a "union"?
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  • Kenifer---
    Just so you know, just because EPA and most Federal agencies have unions, doesn't mean that every employee belongs to it.
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  • take more days off....please
    Lets hope thes EPA fools are furloughed for 100 days. Less regs and rules they can write and less people they can harass about wetlands and pollution. I say cut them 33% every year until they are dismantled.
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  • @dante805
    Hey "fool" you do realize that EPA just enforces the environmental laws that Congress passes. They don't the "write regs and rules." Taking your anger out on a federal employee that is just doing their job to make the environment better for everyone serves no constructive purpose. These same folks are your neighbors and fellow taxpayers. Cutting their pay or "dismantling" them out of a job will only take more money out of the overall economy and trickle down to the local businesses and services they patronize. Your attitiude is akin to cutting off your nose just to spite your face.
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  • Awsome comment
    I didn't know dinosaurs could type. Why don't you move to China so you can see the result of no air and water regs. Uninformed (ahem) "people" like you are the reason we are heading for sequester in the first place.
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