4:04 am, May 27, 2015

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  • BS
    It is all just a joke, I don't see anyone stopping any procurements, money just keeps being spent because that is in the too hard to do box. the easy answer is just cut bodies. the politicos are all too willing to give us 20% pay cuts as they play chicken with fed civilians lives. these types of cuts won't bother the average joe, especially because they see the federal employees as a bunch of overpaid slouches. Yet once again the federal workforce has broken records for charitable donations. I can't even figure out who to be mad at, the politicians or agency leaders that can't figure out better ways to quit spending other than salaries.
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  • Who to be mad at
    Sunny D
    There are a lot of people to be mad at. There are many to blame for the bind we are all facing now. I am personal very tired of being made out to be a lazy do nothing feeding off the government with my salary. I have seen my agency cut, cut and cut over the last decade. Positions absorbed and my work load growing as a result. Some how I am still vilified. I'm deemed essential and have to come in no matter the conditions, constantly held past my shift or called in early to meet the needs of the agency, my reward more work. No awards, since they cost money. My agency is nearing the breaking point, soon services will outwardly suffer, and lives will be put at risk. I know who will be blamed the lowly lazy government worker.
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  • Contractors?
    All this yappening about saving money by cutting more into civilians probably sells well to the rest of the country. I see plenty of 6 figure contractors walking around milking the government that's not impacted.
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  • Love Contractors Hate Feds
    Both sides of Congress and Obama have one thing in common they would much rather pay one contractor $160K than two feds $70K. Any Fed that contributes to CFC is s complete fool. I'm all for giving to charity but do so directly to the charity of your choice. That way more $ goes to your charity without CFC taking its cut and we don't help support the argument that we must be overpaid since we can give away so much.
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