2:51 pm, May 29, 2015

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    Richard Din's story and other injured / ill / dead biolab workers is also covered on the Biolab Health and Safety video by...TheCRGChannel2 at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIjX45w1Dr8 DESCRIPTION: Lower level biological laboratories are proliferating across the world, regularly working with new biological materials, genetically engineered viruses, nanomaterials and other biological materials. The current regulatory framework governing laboratory safety largely excludes such hazards. As this research rapidly expands, a broader scrutiny of human and environmental health and safety issues is necessary to ensure necessary research doesn't impose unnecessary risks. HOW SAFE ARE THESE LABS? - 50,000 lab workers in US. - 33% have reported at least one infection. - 1979 - 2004: 1448 symptoms causing infections. - 36 Deaths. - New York Times;? Substantial underestimation I URGE YOUR READERS TO READ the GENE WATCH online edition of their Mar-Apr 2010 Issue titled Biolab Safety at the following link: http://issuu.com/genewatchmagazine/docs/genewatch23-2?mode=embed&layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Flight%2Flayout.xml&showFlipBtn=true TABLE OF CONTENTS: A Cruel and Unusual Corporation. By Ralph Nader. A Roach in the Kitchen. By CRG staff - interview with Becky McClain. Commentary: GM Crops. By Eric Hoffman. Dedication: Tony Mazzocchi. By Jeremy Gruber. Give Them an Inch... By Michael Siciliano. One Bug, One Drug. By Lynn C. Klotz, Edward Sylvester. The Lab in My Backyard. By Beth Willis. Teatime in the Lab. By Samuel W. Anderson Book Review: Breeding Bio Insecurity and Germs Gone Wild. By Andrew D. Thibedeau Flushing It Down the Rabbit Hole. By Andrew D. Thibedeau Topic: Genetic Discrimination. By Jeremy Gruber. Topic: Forensic DNA Databanks. By CRG Staff. The Case of Dr. Malcolm Casadaban By CRG Staff. Editorial By Samuel W. Anderson For more info read GeneWatch magazine on Biolab Health and Safety at: http://bit.ly/Ok1mjY
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    Too many employees illnesses and injuries are ignored in the biotechnology arena, not only in the medical sector but the agriculture sector as well. The reason? IF the injuries and illnesses, arising out of workplace exposure’s to known and unknown viruses, bacteria and fungi were reported (as is mandated by law) there would be federal and state investigations into the lack of health and safety in the workplace, which in turn would hinder companies from getting their “products” registered with the FDA and the EPA. It’s sad to say, but getting “products” on the market far outweigh the health and safety of the employee/s. OSHA is not up to speed when it comes to new technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology etc. I have discovered that more times than not that when OSHA is contacted regarding a health and safety complaint; OSHA either ignores the complaint, puts it on the back burner or they contact the company by phone or in a letter; thus allowing the unsafe employer to 1) hide and/or cover-up the health and safety violation; 2) reply to OSHA that the complaint was filed by a “disgruntled employee or ex-employee”. What ever happened to on-the-spot surprise inspections when OSHA has received a health and safety violation complaint? These seem to be non-existent. As for OSHA’s “inspectors” not being medical doctors? I can only speak for OSHA in California. Dr Larry Rose who was with Cal/OSHA for 28 years and the “last” Cal/OSHA Public Health Medical Officer in the state of California was asked the question in a 2008 interview, “Now why would you need a Doctor at Cal/OSHA?”. Dr. Rose’s reply was, “Well it’s critical… the Compliance Officers, or Industrial Hygienists, and they’re not trained at all in medicine. They don’t know how to read a medical record, they know nothing about infectious diseases. The industry needs to be held accountable for the harm they have been and still are causing. Their “trade secrets”, “proprietary information agreements” as well as the contract/s “won’t say anything bad about the company” that the employee has to sign should be unlawful. Every employee who works in ANY industry in the United States should have the guarantee they have a safe and healthy workplace environment. They should also have the right to know what made them ill or injured them with no exceptions. American workers should not be “thrown under the bus” because of concealment, fraud, corruption and/or collusion.
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