12:43 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Really, a clothing line from the Post Office?
    That's just what I always wanted. A pith helmet and baggy blue shorts.
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  • Shut 'er down
    If the Post Office can't compete that does NOT mean it should find other lines of business. I'm tired of getting all the ads in the mail. Now this? Crazy stuff, really.
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  • What I really want......
    Big Joe
    Now, if I could go to the Post Office and buy a new car, some office supplies, and a gallon of milk I'd do all my shopping there! Seriously though, it's like they are in the hospital dying from a terminal illness and they are bouncing from one antibiotic to the next trying to find what will cure their cold. There is no miracle cure, and this is definately not it!
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