12:58 pm, May 28, 2015

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    It is now time for the President to use his War Powers to declare war on the greatest enemy facing our nation - the Republican Congress. This would allow the nation to eliminate this fierce un-compromising enemy - from any involvement in national budget formulation and control. Interesting to note, during the cold war, our most formidible enemy and opponent was Communist Russia. They were known for being the toughest negotiators, using their position of "No Compromise", to get their way. Somehow, the Republican Congress has learned this negotiating philosophy. So, we have Communists = Enemy = No Compromise. Now we have Republicans = Enemy = No Compromise. So, could this mean Republicans = Communists? HMMMM, All I know is both the Communists and the Republicans (it appears) are set on destroying our economy and our country.
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  • Left Wing Final Solution
    So, your plan is to exterminate the Republicans in Congress. Forget neocons, its neocoms, that are the real problem today. They have expanded the government from 18 to 19 percent of GDP to 25 percent under Obama. When a less than 2 percent reduction in a rising budget is implemented, they show their true Dalek personality -- Exterminate! No, thank you, we had enough of that in the last century.
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  • No Ben and Rob
    No Ben. The reason for the percentage increase is the George Bush and the Republicans Depression. Thus more spending is necessary, while GDP does not rise as fast, if at all. We do not want a repeat of what Herbert Hoover did. However, YOUR did not express himself very well and you were correct in criticizing him. However, who are the neocoms? Hope you are not referring to liberals. Otherwise, you so called conservatives could be labelled facists. As far as Rob's comments are concerned, the so called bribery is really not bribery. It is politics and has been practiced by Republicans and Democrats long before he or I have been alive. So cut the bribery nonsense. Additionally, the Democratic Party is a broad based party from moderately conservative to liberal. That is much more diverse that the Republicans who are right wing to extreme right wing.
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  • more liberal nonsense
    The Dems had super majorities in both the House and Senate for most of 2009 & 2010. Obama and the Dems could have passed (and did) any piece of legislation they wanted without any GOP votes. Even so, to get enough Dems on board with a piece of legislation the Obama administration had to offer bribes to certain Dems. The public said enough of that BS and took the House away from the Dems in the 2010 midterms. Eliminate the GOP you say? Forget About It!
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  • Two Points
    1. President Obama proposed sequestration in the summer of 2011. At that time, the President was demanding Congress raise the debt ceiling. Republicans said they would, if the President agreed to cut government spending. When the two sides couldn't agree on cuts and the President rejected John Boehner’s offer to raise $800 billion in taxes, the White House proposed “sequestration.” Now the bill is coming due and it is the President who refuses to compromise. Remember, compromise involves give by BOTH sides - but not in this President's world. His definition of compromise is "Do exactly what I want - immediately! If you don't, I'll unleash my pet media on you!" While the White House propaganda war continues, it is good to remember just who spawned - and who owns - sequestration. 2. Your comment on the need to "eliminate" Republicans is typical of the new left fascists who are coming to the fore. You appear to be one of those who would happily run a "reeducation" camp for conservatives. The new left is starting to display its truely evil side, one on display in any number of totalitarian nations around the world. People are starting to pay attention.
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  • Explain . . .
    Why the defense budget has almost doubled since 2001 and people are fearing calamity if we scale it back 5-10% Same with other budgets. The Executive Branch is making citizens the intentional victims of this--choosing to make painful cuts (like longer TSA screenings) rather than taking a broader approach to expenditures to see what obsolete departments (like the Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigation) can actually be cut without being noticed. Shameful.
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  • furlough
    You can tell these decisions are being made by people who have never and will never again need for money. We have een told at IRS that they now want to cut our pay by 20 by cutting 8 hours a week, but this doesnt mean you get to do less work, actully we have to do more cause there are less employees to do it. They have no understanding that it would be less harmful to employees to furlough nd let us receive our unemployment for that one month than to cut us by 20 perent for the entire year. Its too bad we "peons" who do the work arent having our retirement payments made, but a congressmean elected once has lifelong benefits and pay. I think I chose the wrong type of Public Service for my career. I should of just gotten elected once. It wouldnt even matter how well of a job I'd do. funny, I'm evaluated here every day. I say its time they stop getig paid and they start losing theior benefits. By the way, in case no one noticed, a eport just came out saying that children of the politicians arent required to pay back student loans. Meanwhile our kids cant finish school because of esalating costs. I guess it proves the "rich get richer" theory, but its not supposed to be this way in America.
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  • Misinformed
    David L.
    Since 1984 Congress has participated in FERS, same as other federal peons. They do not receive lifelong pay and benefits other than their normal FERS retirement that they qualify for the same rules as other federal employees, including those at the IRS. Their children are also not exempt from paying back student loans. It is a crying shame that federal employees do not know more about Board of Directors of the company they work for.
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  • We post this over and over
    David, You, I and others post this over and over, yet, the disinformation is still spread. Nothing like invulnerable ignorance.
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  • Peon
    Sideline Commentator
    I don't know who is telling you this in our agency, but it isn't accurate. Please refer to the recent email to all employees from the acting Commish for the offical IRS communications to the workforce.
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  • House Republicans Sent Bill to Senate
    House sent a bill to the Senate granting the Department Secretaries budget authority to move money within their budgets. In Reid's court, now.
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  • Another question for today.
    What if we sequester and nobody notices? Well don't be surprised. We had/have a debt crisis and nobody cares. We have no budget and nobody cares. We have thousands of murders each year in our cities, but nobody cares (unless it's 26 white people). We have elected officials, the people's "team", who take no responsibility for anything, but are quick to pass the blame and give themselves more perks. And (here's where I will get responses) this "team" has a "manager", elected by the people, the "owners", who feels compelled to lead by "executive order" because he can't get just what he wants from his "team" otherwise. Through good times and bad, the "manager" takes the credit in good stretches and points a stern figure at those of his "team" who have opinions of their own. Woe be unto them and may God be merciful unto the "fans".
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