4:41 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Not an immediate death but a slow painful one
    Lisa Lisa
    I dont think that should a sequester occur, that any of it will be abrupt. It will be one that will be more of one that will be slow and painful along the way with an eventual wall to be hit in services and economically. If fed employees and contractors lose 10-20% of their pay, any financial defaults by employees wont be felt right away, rather 6 months down the road when foreclosure proceedings start because people have lost income and can no longer afford their homes. I think bankruptcy will be increased about the 6 month mark. We will be right where we were under Bush with the housing collapse back in 08. Loss of jobs and less income, more businesses fold because people arent buying having to squirrel money. For services, it will be felt by those that need a service such as disability (and all things soc sec), IRS, etc. Strategically, we become vulnerable to things because we have less people looking for terrorsits etc. It wont be felt immediately, but my crystal ball tells me that we will see it in the coming months.
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  • on another note
    there is more than one word in English with three 'y's. see ploygyny - a marital state where one man has multiple wives.
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  • Y not?
    FERS Fed
    Don't know about anyone else but at 6:59 a.m. EST, I see only two 'y's, not three, in 'syzyg' in today's NUF.
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  • Useless Factoid
    They can count but just don't know how to spell. The word is syzygy.
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  • Glad you knew
    Glad you knew the word, I thought they just couldn't count.
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  • on another note
    It is spelled polygyny.
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  • Impact of Sequester
    The sequester already has an impact as of mid-February. Local funding authority for repair and maintenance has been pulled back. These funds pay for the service contracts and repair parts. Theoretically funds can be made available for life, safety, health, or regulatory requirements. How long it will take to obtain the funds is another matter...
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  • Sequestration
    As a federal employee who is lucky to call her job a career and a passion, it is discouraging to see that the Congress does not appear to have the same level of committment to the American People. After asking federal employees to keep coming to work year after year with no budget and pay freezes, they now want us to give up month's salary. I would like to propose that every able federal employee commit to spending their sequester furlough days on the Hill. Not in protest, or lobbying but as visible witness to our lawmakers what the American People are losing each day we are not serving them.
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  • Sequestration Issue Not Important to Congress
    They're on their 10-day President's Day recess until through Feb. 25th. Is that commitment or what? Next time your boss says he wants that report by the end of the week, tell him he can forget it because your taking a recess. See how long you keep your job.
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