1:50 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Report Date
    It would have been nice for the report to have included the date it was created. There is a statement: "As of the date of this report, no appropriations bills have been enacted for FY 2013.", but what that date is is not provided. I did figure out from the White House web page that it was published back in September.
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  • An Eye Opener
    This OMB report is a real eye opener! Billions wasted every year on worthless and harmful programs. Just in the IRS section alone there are $82 billion of tax credits in excess of tax liability. The IRS should get out of the welfare business. Cutting just this would eliminate the need for a sequester. There are dozens of programs for "child nutrition" plus $83 billion for food stamps. Combine them into one program and cut at least 50%. Billions spent on foreign aid ("Food for Peace"???). Congress can cut enough in one year to balance the budget with no problem.
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  • Yes, we can afford to make cuts across the board. But HOW?
    Honest Broker
    Joe, You are absolutely correct. I watched millions of dollars go to unnecessary DOD projects, so I am not surprised about what went on in all the other agencies. Even if the project was necessary, it had to be done by a contractor or it did not get approved even if we were cheaper and faster. We know the problem is our politicians love of money and contractors give it to them. Politicians write the laws, so how can we ever break this bad behavior?
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