8:15 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Probably not,
    but probably should just for the effect. If it's bad, Congress will reverse itself. If the market is uneffected, which it may be, then it will continue.
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  • It is going to happen
    Neither side of the isle have anything to gain to stop it from happening. I truly believe that it is going to happen simply becuause of that. Maybe it needs to happen in order to bring some order to his out of control spending and mismanagement of taxpayer monies. While I fully understand that it will potentially send the economy into a tailspin, if it does not happen the onset could even worse. I just don't think we can avoid it. If it happens, people are going to just work through it and hope for the best. Liberals and conservatives are going to feel the pain equally. Short answer, it is going to happen!
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  • Need one more poll --
    Will ABC, CBS, or NBC ever report anything but flattery about President Obama? Somehow the media has Americans thinking sequestration was the Republicans' idea.
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  • Not Their Idea
    Sequestration may not have been proposed by the Republicans, but they did vote for it, and more to the point, it is only certain Republican politicians that are now saying that they think Sequestration is a good idea and should happen (Rand Paul did so just last week). So they may not have initially proposed it, but by their actions they are claiming ownership of it.
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  • Democrats Own This
    Radar Tech
    The president suggested the idea of sequestration and then repeatedly stated that he would veto any legislation that didn't have it in it. The democrats in the house voted in favor of it and the democrat controlled senate voted for it. So, it was their idea, they forced the issue by threat of veto, and then voted for it in both houses and then voted against repealing it. Sequestration belongs to the democrats and the republicans came along for the ride.
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  • Raise the Debt Ceiling
    That solves everyone's recession fears.
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  • It Will Happen but......
    They will let the 1 Mar deadline pass and the cuts take affect but will take some type of action before 27 Mar (before furlough would start) that will either eliminate the furlough or provide additional time to 'ease' furlough implementation
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  • It will happen
    I don't think there is going to be any action. Once congress gets a taste of extra revenue influx into the system, they are not going to let it stop, especially the liberals. This is going to go through fruition I believe.
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