8:24 am, May 27, 2015

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  • They way I see it
    everyone takes vacation or sick days at one time or another. If you can take days off, then you can be furloughed. The more people that this impacts, the more voices that will be calling for something to be done to end this mess.
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  • The question becomes
    Just me
    If you are furloughing "essential" (read critical) personnel, then are they truly "essential?" You know, the people who get told they must work during weather emergencies and other times when the majority of the federal workforce stays home (for safety reasons.) The folks who get told "in case of a government shut-down, you must work without pay until we (eventually) get around to paying you. Where does this leave the government the next time they need these folks to come in and some of them say "not essential enough to avoid the furlough, not essential enough to come in now." This sounds a bit like the government wanting to have its cake and eat it too.
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  • Problem is.....
    Big Joe
    The problem is that it already is being implemented selectively. My former agency and my spouse's both are making cuts in other areas so that are not affecting employees, so there will be no furloughs. In my current agency, we have heard next to nothing so I assume that means furloughs. When you have agencies who are both able and willing to cut contracts and other means to eliminate furloughs as compared to those that are paralized, there will be wide brushes of "essential and non-essential".....
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  • Part of the Instruction to Agencies should have been to work with Unions a month ago
    Lisa Lisa
    I think OPM dropped the ball here. Agencies have been given their marching orders to intensify planning but at no point, does OPM say "If you have unions in place, you must include union on such matters as staffing,..." etc etc. Now whats going to happen, is that the agencies that have unions are going to spring this on the staff and if the process doesnt include union, its going to be a mess. On Feb 1st, OPM should have mandated including unions where they are present.After all, we need to make sure thatthe select folks that are sent home packing, are being selected in a fair and balanced way.
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  • Nervous Politicians
    If you've been listening and reading what our elected leaders have been saying lately you'd think the end of the world is near. I think POTUS and Congress are more worried about what won't happen under sequestration than what will. After all the fear mongering how embarrassing will it be if things turn out much better than our elected officials have been predicting?
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  • Not really a furlough at all
    Don Carr
    The one-day-a-week furlough is no furlough at all. It leaves 4 out of every 5 people at work every day. The only way a furlough is effective is when it shuts down the government. It we must furlough 22 days between now and the end of the FY, then lets do it for 22 consecutive business days. That way, the Congress and the President share the pain of a non-working government for which they are to blame. This "part time" furlough gimmick ensures that only the furloughed will suffer. As long as the government continues to function, where's the incentive for the President and Congress to act?
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  • You are right
    Absolutely, 100% correct.
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