10:48 pm, May 22, 2015

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    anonymous florida
    I am a union steward. I would have less work if management cared about their workforce instead of looking for ways to make even good employees unhappy. Why wait several months from the absence to send an employee a proposed notice of suspension -- when employee has already provided legitimate medical evidence of emotional problems at that time, and said employee has been working well for almost six months since. Why treat people unfairly - some get away with wasting time, others do not. Inane supplicants get more positive acknowledgement than someone who actually is creative, innovative and hardworking. Be transparent about why awards are given. Why take away a refrigerator from a groups work area? Why not provide proper chair for person(s) with back problems? Or, make it simple for an employee to get a phone amplifier for legitimate hearing issue. Why be unfair with approving "credit" hours, special assignments, etc. Why go after a parent who is late because of child care issues, if they are willing to make up that time? Why have so many unneeded layers of management impeding efficiency. We used to be more flexible with time, but now we have to account for every minute, and are harrassed for productivity even if we are overloaded and short-staffed, therefore, my time doing union business is reported more conscientiously, which could be a reason why the hours reported has increased for others as well.
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