5:37 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Where is the truth? Sequestration just another ploy for outsourcing?
    Honest Broker
    The Sept 13 2011 POGO report based on actual cost figures which they had to sequester from the Govt shows outsourcing doubled and more the costs to do the same job and that includes all benefits. Yes, even 30+ years of retirement payments. Yet, I saw someone recommending outsourcing air traffic controllers to bypass sequestration. The media controlled by corp America has done a great job of brainwashing the public. Companies must make profit and the Govt just needs to break even, yet the media has convinced the average American that Govt employees incompetance makes the costs and timeliness worse than contracting it out. The politicians love to shackle Govt employees with unnecessary processes which drives this perception. The politicians have even rigged the game by allowing cost plus fixed fee contracts, so the contractor can pick his salary and therefore make even more money without any restraint. This sequestration is just another demonization trick to justify more outsourcing. I wonder when we hit the breaking point? Apparently outsourcing is the solution. Right?
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  • Congresssional Pensions
    Congress is covered by FERS. Full pension at age 62 with 5 years service, age 50 with 20 years, or 25 years service at any age. If they leave or are voted out before reaching retirement age, they can leave their contributions and receive a deferred pension. If a member of congress serves 25 years with high 3 salary $175,000, then the pension is $43,750 per year.
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  • reposted due to censorship surround Causey for over 36 hours now....
    Anthony S.
    FAA ATC in the USA also controls a very high volume of military traffic....all military air traffic. So if you are thinking the GOP is just "toying" around...just Neo Confed Southern "funnin" with airline passengers let alone every aspect of U.S. society you would be wrong. The Teabagger idiots are also endangering our national defense in a real and significant manner. Good job, you ship of fools teabagger scum. Yet Obama is not making a good case against what is about to happen on March 1st while he is out golfing...arrogant and out of touch..showing no sense of urgency re the stakes at hand for all American citizens who understand and who won't/can't comprehend the damage being done. These Teabaggers are traitors and terrorists just like Islamic terrorists....they seek the same results. And since when did the middle of FEB become spring break time across the USA? How did THAT happen?...and giggly millionaire Pelosi is not doing any push back since she can only speak within a few blocks in SFO and inside the U.S. Capitol Building....anywhere else and she would be thrown off the podium in anger as being a total FAKE......and of course the GOP has something on Harry Reid and his simmering Utah play-for-pay campaign fund scam so he is acting like a rat running along the side streets of D.C. these days afraid to even take back the U.S. Senate by changing the filibuster rules as he promised he would. Be assured that as soon as the GOP takes back the Senate, they will drop that rule to stop the DEMS in a New York Minute....Whatever the GOP has on HARRY must be real DIRTY or he would not have dragged the entire DEM controlled Senate down with him. Reid needs to step aside and let somebody else take over his Senate leadership job. Pelosi needs to step down as well. The DEMS need leaders who can speak and lead in any state of the union. Reid and Pelosi can't do that since they are almost universally despised outside their home states. DEM leadership is totally D.O.A.!!! Bernie Sanders who is an Independent IS the ONLY sane legacy DEM-like voice left in America???!!! Without leadership, the DEM PARTY will let crazies run America off into the abyss. This is not just about airline passenger comfort/being inconvienced..it is about the very survival of our nation should we have another "off day" like we did on 9/11/2001. Teabaggers must be proud as punch for the job they are doing to America's future stability as are Obama/Pelosi/Reid who are engaged at some stupid level in this absurdity. Obama has beat the living daylights out of FED workers for over 4 years...Obama with his Charter School stuff have insulted teachers across America for this entire time as well since his Chicago model is to get rid of teacher unions and privatize public education so his pals could make lots of money. FED workers and now postal workers and their unions are the low hanging fruit of Obama's macho jackboot treatment of FEDS all the while the AFL-CIO/CWA in particular continues to throw time, money, and grassroots pavement pounding support to the DEMS.....Get the FEDS while the stock market has gone through the roof!!!!.....The Obama line is the FED WORKER was responsible for the near depression in the stock market but they are not responsible for the reversal in the stock market to new highs??? Is that the game here?? Continually move the goal posts and use FEDS as the auto default scape goat to save money? At a minimum, the AFL-CIO should publicly demand the immediate removal of Dirty Harry Reid....But no matter Obama will run the dagger through FED and Postal workers because it is so easy..easy enough and sure enough you can take a lots of Annual Leave and go golfing in Florida with rich pals. Obama loves the extra press he gets in his effort to please the righties who also HATE FED workers and their unions as much as the GOP. In modern U.S. History, no president of either party has singled out and inflicted more damage to FED workers than Barry. But by doing that the consequences in regards to the integrity of our airspace system re military flights is nothing to EVER, EVER be taken lightly. Shame on Obama, Pelosi, and Reid for not sending out the alarm at least on this ONE aspect of sequestration. This has enormous consequence to ANYBODY even remotely familiar with the air traffic control system in the United States. Time to get the heck off the golf course, President Obama. Put the clubs back in the bag! Do your job that we just re-elected you to do!!!!! Stop manufacturing NEW initiatives like that high school program you proposed in Chicago. There are cosmically MORE urgent matters on the agenda right now...DO YOUR JOB!!!! THE REST OF YOUR FED WORKERS ARE!!!!!
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  • Anthony S....
    Sideline Commentator
    ...time to replace the tinfoil in your hat, dude.
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