10:07 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Clap on the Clapper
    Clapper "attempted to explain the absence of WMDs in Iraq by asserting that the weapons materials were "unquestionably" shipped out of Iraq to Syria and other countries just before the American invasion, a "personal assessment" which Clapper's own agency head at the time, David Burpee, "could not provide further evidence to support." Of COURSE this guy just wants more and more and more money for more wars, more drones, etc. U.S. credit rating downgrade, coming up - sequester or no sequester.
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  • Cut the Intel budget, but much more needs to be done starting with political reform
    Honest Broker
    I took an oath over 40 years ago to protect this country, not pad my wallet but the politicians just mouth their oaths and then concentrate on how to get rich and everyone falls in line to do the same. I came from the intelligence world and by the time I retired, we were hip deep in contractors especially in cyber security. There is so much redundancy and duplication of effort, 17 agencies across 6 cabinet departments with several million contractors. With that many people involved and all competing against each other, it naturally creates holes in our defenses – one hand not knowing what the other is doing. The politicians hold NSA hostage by not releasing any funds unless they agree to use all these contractors especially their friends. Since we went to a cost plus fixed fee contract system, everyone is a specialist and must be paid exorbitant consulting fees. We were mandated by upper management to go with one contractor or another, and then you would hear about those Government supervisors, military officers and program managers going to work for that contractor as a consultant. Anyone see a conflict of interest problem? HECK NO, it is good for national security. A recent news story came out on TV from a major Government security company that said they could not stop the cyber attacks from being successful and they were coming from China. Don't you fire a non-performing contractor? No, you give them MORE MONEY. The system is busted and no one can make a clear decision because everyone is on the payroll and they all benefit with it this way. I think we need to first hit the RESET button and hold an all CONGRESS, SENATE and PRESIDENTIAL offices recall election. DREAM CONDITIONS TO REMOVE MONEY INFLUENCE - Every campaign is limited to a single website, 2 public debates on TV (no cost), and then the vote. KILL THE PARTY SYSTEM. We need true representation by district, state or country, so we can get some decisions made on consensus and not influenced by party loyalties. Too many people in high places want to get rich, so I guess we all just see how we come out of this train wreck called the United States of America. As they said in Jurasic Park when rebooting the computer, HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS.
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  • In Other Words...
    General Insight
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  • The Reality Is...
    the sky is falling for for all Federal Government departments and agencies. However, the folks that head these departments and agencies seem to forget that the cuts shall fall harder on our children and grandchildren. Everyone in the Government that has to develop a budget needs to stop being myopic, start looking at the big picture and reduce their needs and eliminating their wants. The White Hoiuse and the fools on the Hill need to help by leading by example.
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  • Congressmen say
    Oops sorry time for my late winter vacation. See you later, sequestrator! President says, "Fore!" We get what we voted for. The "mandate" is clear!
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