11:32 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Federal Employees Need to do their Jobs, not Congress'
    We cannot ‘strike’ like the private sector, but we can do a lot to get congress’ attention. Immediately, all employees need to review all the applicable Standard Operating Instructions (SOP), rules & regulations, and laws that affect the prescribed standards for the work they are expected to do. Then, immediately start ‘following the book’, specifically adhering to safety requirements, such as OSHA; and stringently follow each step in the course of their work. Do ‘NOTHING’ that is not specially in your job description; take your breaks; and leave your work area during that unpaid lunch time. When ask questions not in your preview, be respectful and just say “I do not know, as that is not within the relm of my employment”. If you all just do YOUR job, and not do others responsibility, then you will get their attention. Remember, stick together and just do your job. They cannot fault you for that. Now is the time to act to protect your job, and your family’s future!
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