5:43 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Pay Freeze
    How ironic, this coming from Darrel Issa, who is work millions of dollars! He ought to be fired with the rest of congress, that being BOTH parties!!! I'm sick of these ignorant idiots wasting the tax dollars and looking at the federal middle class worker and telling us we going to have to lay you off for 22 days!!! I say FIRE them all!
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  • thank you for pointing out
    that the freeze only applies to cost-of-living adjustments, and not merit and longevity raises. and that the median pay for a federal employee in September last year was $72,714, up more than $3,000 from two years earlier. fed workers need to spend some time in the real world, where a pay freeze really means pay freeze, and there's a possibility of actually losing your job.
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  • Where's the cuts to the contractors? Oh yeah, they send $ to the politicians
    Honest Broker
    I wonder when the Govt folks will start to rebel? Oh that's right, we're honest and looking out for the country. Do we really need all the contractors? Probably not, but they pump money to the politicians so they are much more important. In rebellion, the contracting process may be getting really really slow. Have you heard of the term glacial?
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  • Let's cut the budget....
    Let's get rid of ALL THE CONTRACTORS, and simply let the Federal Work Force run the Government....this way, we will than see all the contractors who complain about the Feds and our benefits are out on the street, and maybe we are furloughed but gets what, we still have a job and benefits. I just hate having these beltway bandits complain about us Feds, when they make over 30% more than I do for the same job, and have better benefits and bonuses... Yep. let em all go,,, That will save a lot of money, and keep the Feds on the job.
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  • amazing
    What amazes me, is that there are people stupid/ignorant enough to elect these idiots into office.
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