10:38 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Sequestration Is Good Business Practice
    General Insight
    It is imperative sequestration prevails for the long-term benefit for all Americans. No one wants to make cuts, but ask anyone in business at any level, there comes a time in various business cycles that bold CUTS MUST BE MADE for the health of the organization and in this case for health of our great nation.
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  • Good Business Practice?
    FERS Fed
    Across-the-board cuts such as sequestration will impose are the very worst business practice. They cut the good and the bad. ..... Across-the-board cuts reflect the fact that those charged with overseeing the business do not know it well enough to be able to identify which line(s) of business to get out of and which to keep and strengthen. ..... Across-the-board cuts are the refuge of fools and incompetents, which explains why Congress enacted them.
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