3:59 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Plenty to cut
    There is plenty to cut in Government, but the politicians tout as too small to worry about. One example is the arts. I believe some programs have been reduced, but while nice, the arts are not essential and they can ask for more donations from the rich. Getting out of the wars would also save a bunch of money. But no one is pushing that. ...............as for in- employment some States do pay benefits if you have to reduce your hours. Montana is one. So check it out, you may get lucky if a one day a week furlough happens. The way the IRS said they'd give 30 days notice doesn't sound like one day a week to me. Makes me wonder if furloughs will be targeted areas and not everyone?
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  • The Reason for the Season...
    The main reason for the sequester, of course, was that the debt-to-GDP of the U.S. is too high and is causing (caused in 2008) a credit ratings downgrade. THAT is why they need to cut the debt, either with taxes or cuts or preferably both. The sequester won't even come close to doing much about the debt-to-GDP ratio (worse than Spain) and so our credit rating will be downgraded within 90 days either way. Greece, here we come!
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  • Yes, Please!
    I have definitely joined the "Bring it on!" crowd, re furloughs. I have a modest lifestyle and as a pessimist who reads Causey regularly, I have been saving money for some time in preparation for pay cuts, furloughs, general bad times. Actually, my parents gave the same advice, and it's always been good advice. And as an IRS employee, I'm tired of the hostility and grief, not just from other taxpayers (yes, IRS employess pay income tax, in spite of the silly propaganda from the "protester" crowd), not just from management and co-workers, but from feds in other agencies as well. Just look at a recent news story involving the IRS, where the general tone of commenters was very denigrating, talking about the "scumbags" and "parasites" at the IRS (not to mention the frequent comments about how everyone at the IRS is apparently old and senile and unable to do any productive work. Yep, all old people are worthless, let's just push them out on ice floes in the Arctic ocean, before all those glaciers are totally melted...). So the hostility has definitely affected this IRS fed's morale. I'm not worried any longer about the feds in other agencies, who haven't managed to prepare for a rainy day. Let me echo one of the commenters on that IRS article: "Good riddance!" And if you overextended yourself on McMansions and fuel inefficient vehicles for the whole family and private schools because nothing else was acceptable for your precious offspring, and designer clothes, furniture, new computers, bazillions of channels on your cable package, etc, because you deserve it, well good luck to you. I will be perfectly content enjoying my extra day off, no pay, away from the nastiness and vitriol. And to senior management, if you think I'm taking my off time to do that work that isn't getting done on furlough days, by working extra, unpaid hours....um, think again. If the IRS isn't worth enough to our society to pay for the work to be done, then I will accept that judgement - it isn't worth doing.
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  • NUF
    Hey Sweetheart, get ready to Pucker up!
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  • Ready!
    Rock Man
    And we know what French kissing can lead to...!
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  • Furloughs
    I work for DHS/ICE as a Deportation Supervisor. I would look forward to one or two days off a pay period. I could catch up on some work around the house, reading, and since baseball season starts soon, catch some more games.
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