2:09 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Politically Good for Dems..Financially and Operationally-Disastrous
    Lisa Lisa
    Most citizens dont know how deep the government is in to their lives. Depending where you are in the cycle of life, this seq, can have huge impacts. As many articles illustrate, its not just soc sec that would be impacted. Its EVERYTHING. Strategically, this is music to a villain's ears wishing to harm the US. For manufacturers of drugs, oil this is also music to their ears because less people means less oversight. So what if our spinach carries E-coli-OI dont eat spinach despite years of parental nagging to do so. So what if refineries are dumping sludge in our waters right? I dont swim in the ocean nor eat fish. So what if air traffic controllers are laid off-only affects fliers after all. So what if there are less TSA agents and they dont catch a terrorist bringing arsenal onboard-after all it doesnt affect me if I am not flying right? While sequestration, if it were to go in to affect, may not affect EVERYONE, it does affect some depending what you need or want and there is the value you place on your health and your childrens too. Many of our Congress have been in office too long. They forgot long ago what they are there for. Why should they change as long as they bring home the bacon to their state, get money from lobbyists and special interests and get paid for life no matter how good or bad they do. There is no incentive to do the right thing for America-only for themselves. Yet, they cry foul if a CEO gets millions as bonus after driving their company in the ground. I see no difference with Congress. Time for term limits.
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  • You had me until you talked up TSA - sorry , they stink
    Radar Tech
    I totally agree with everything you said except the TSA. We would be far better off with State Troopers and bomb sniffing dogs with the old metal detectors. Everyone walks through the metal detectors and passes the dog. It's quick and easy. It is 100% coverage (instead of the 20% sampling they do now). It is cheaper. It doesn't violate anyone's IV Amendment rights.
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  • Why Furlough increases risk to your life
    fact checker
    Airplanes depend on Air Traffic Control to get timely changes to regulated routes to allow more planes to fly. If more fly without those changes, planes will suffer midair collisions. Trucks depend on DOT licensing to ensure drivers know how to ride them. With more truck accidents possible, commutes will snarl more, and chain reactions could lead to more car accidents. Boats depend on up to date charting to know when channel dredging is done so they can use deeper water, and where previous shipwrecks happened, and if bouys go out of commission. Without those coming in a timely fashion, more Exxon Valdez could happen even without a drunk ship captain. Food and drug testing make sure that food are safe to eat, and new drugs can be introduced to react to newly drug resistent diseases. Without timely testing, the next plague could happen sooner. Without timely testing, more foods will carry bacteria we can't digest. Furloughing will mean employees of the Fed involved in each of these won't have enough workforce to ensure events that need to be timely are, and we all suffer.
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  • There Will Be Pain, But Not Catastrophe
    Less air traffic controllers will mean backup in flights, not crashes. Planes simply will not be allowed to fly. DOT licensing slow down will mean longer waiting lines to be certified, not crashes. Uncertified drivers won't drive -- freight companies wouldn't risk the liability costs. Sea food inspection by NOAA and Commerce, if not performed, means products can't be listed as inspected. Slowdown in seafood to market. Guess I'll stock up on frozen.
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  • Are you an Air Traffic Controller?
    Lisa Lisa
    You clearly are not nor ever have been an ATC'er. I have. For 10 years. For me to explain to you how it works would take more characters and time to provide you ATC101. Planes will keep coming-bet on it. A lack of funds to the FAA means a lack of resources to maintain the radar equip that we use to track you, airport management, airport safety-you know checking that runway. Less controllers could require longer time at the scope (in the hot seat). Controllers need to have breaks when working traffic for hours at a time. You have to give the brain a break otherwise you risk flight safety.Thats why a measure was put in to place long ago to provide for needed breaks because flight safety WAS a risk in having controllers working without breaks. Always someone thinks they are an expert in fields they have no knowledge of.
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  • Strange
    Does this mean the above posters are hoping for things to go bad to prove their cases? And if no disaster happens does that prove the opposite of your case?
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  • It is going to happen - face it!
    Look folks, there is no gloom and doom here like some might be thinking. This, on the other hand, is pure reality! The sequestration is "going" to happen and nobody is going to stop it. Neither party has anything to gain by "not" allowing sequestration to happen. All this talk by the "drive by media" who state that polititians do not want it to take place is missing the big picture on this. The political tug of war battle here is going to end up in sequestration, simple and done deal. All we can do is suck it up and take care of our families the best we can and cut down on our own "personal" spending and buy only the necessary things we need to sustain life. All the unnecessary toys can take a back seat for awhile. Lastly Americans are resilient folks. We will bounce back however it is going to take time to make it happen because the reckless spending took years to create the mess we are now in. So tighten you belts, cut your own personal spending, and hold on for the long ride!
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