7:45 am, May 24, 2015

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  • We all won't be furloughed
    Taxpayer Too
    If there is a furlough, how much do you want to be that only the non essential will be furloughed. The VA hospitals, Social Security, Air Traffic Controlers,FBI, CIA, IRS walk-in and phones, etc will all stay open. Anyone not familiar with how the govt works won't even be aware that the rest of us are not working. Life goes on and then we die.
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  • Walk in Essential?
    Last threatened government shut down, IRS Walk-in was not essetial and they would have shut down.
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  • Walk in???
    Big Joe
    Linda....think about it....the last shut down was not during filing season.......
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  • Why Stop At Furlough?
    Graying in Treasury
    I'll go one better - SHOW ME THE BUYOUT! I'll take it...
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  • buyout? BUYOUT???
    graying in treasury, you clearly are missing the point. what we have here is a failure to communicate, you need some time on the street "to get your mind right". All joking aside, "buy outs" need to be outlawed, what an absurd comment to make during times like this, pay you $25,000 to retire in addition to that golden parachute?? If the tax-paying public only knew that you really think you deserve a buy out, you should be ashamed . . .
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  • No Such Thing
    Graying in Treasury
    There are no "Golden Parachutes" in the agency I work for, and most especially not for pee-on's like me and others. I'd rather be poor and sane then have a career with my head spinning with all the stuff being shoveled down on us. Plain and simple.
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  • Simmer Down
    People this is not a shutdown. Planes aren't going to collide. Air Traffic Controllers will still work but will not have a full staff as usual. The meat plants aren't going to close. They too, will not have a full staff. Not one thing is going to completely stop. There will be less to work with but hey, that is Congress for ya. They don't seem too concerned since they are taking THEIR vacation for two weeks. I welcome the time off. Spring is on it's way so, yeah, let me have off one day a week or one day a pay period.
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