4:48 am, May 23, 2015

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  • I've done it all
    Worked in the following: Private sector union, Private sector management, Civil Service union, and Civil Service management. All are so uniquely different that trying to compare them is simply a waste of time. Private versus Public is like arguing about abortion. It's pointless. The most educated, creative, and dynamic people I have ever worked with have been in the federal service. It's not even close. Obviously my experience isn't shared by everyone. But I speak the truth.
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  • Let em have it.
    Let the repubs have this one, I can do without the whopping $10 extra a pay day. Then it'll be Bammy's turn to win the next fight. Seriously, the repubs are a bunch of clowns wasting so much time on this issue when the country is going broke. And they are off next week. Gotta love this Congress.
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  • So called Raise!
    Hey Obummer, you can keep the measely .17 an hour raise! I can live without the additional $7.50 a pay day! This nothing but insulting. I guess this is part of wealth distribution or spreading the wealth according to Obummer! You have taken our raises since being elected the first time and given them to the takers of this nation. Personally I can't wait until your and your kind are out of office. P.S. Don't forget to take Peelosi and Dirty Harry Reid with you!
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