6:16 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Breaking the backs of Feds
    Maybe I am preaching to the choir: Anyone else think that taking a Federal job was a bad career choice? I sure do.
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  • When all you have is a hammer
    Just me
    all you problems start to look like nails.
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  • jstatum@hotmail.com
    Well gang I have been saying it for a long time now. This pay freeze is just for starters. I really feel that this freeze on pay will be around for a long time now that congress has a taste in their mouth. I would venture to say that this will drag into a 5 year pattern. The next path will be the within grade steps that will get frozen. Then we will probably see little things like matching funds in our Thrift Savings Plan taken away. Its not going to stop any time soon folks. The Feds are flat broke with all the spending that has taken place over the last decade. I would also venture to predict that the federal workforce within the next decade will be reduced by 30% or more. Maybe a fed job is not the best choice anymore.
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  • If you don't like the conditions
    Then create a resume and get another job like the rest of us. If you're choosing to stay knowing the conditions then you're a glutton for punishment.
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  • Man up
    I hate it, but our counterparts in the private sector - those who have jobs - haven't automatically been getting pay raises every year, so why should we expect it? Just because the House loves to hate us doesn't mean we made a bad career choice ... after all, we keep saying we're not in it for the money, right?
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  • "not in it for the money"?
    Jerry A.
    Since when does "not in it for the money" mean the same as "not needing to eat or pay bills"? I'm not sure if you noticed, fedweb, but pay freeze minus insurance cost increases minus inflation equals less money. Besides, the private sector has been doing better and some have been getting pay raises (especially the C-suite, who never stopped). Federal pay has frozen because of politics, not because our salaries are the biggest or most wasteful part of the federal budget.
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  • Actually.....
    Comparatively it pays both in $ and benefits to be a fed. This 2012 study by the CBO states that overall benefits for the fed costs $20 per hour while the contractor costs $14 per hour. Translated, federal benefits cost 48% more than comparable private sector work. Wages work out better for feds as well. On estimated average feds were paid $52 per hour while contractors made $45 per hour. Overall contractor don't make more until you get to the PhD level: "Total compensation costs for federal employees with a high school diploma or less education were 36 percent higher than for similar private-sector workers. That difference was 32 percent for people with some college education, 15 percent for people with a bachelor’s degree, and 8 percent for people with a master’s degree. For people with a professional degree or Ph.D., however, total compensation costs were 18 percent lower for federal employees than for workers with similar attributes in the private sector." Besides, it's really hard to get fired if you're a fed where as contractors/private sector get let go every day for all sorts of reasons.
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  • Forgot the link to the CBO 2012 study
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  • Right
    Sam B
    I agree. We should be treated just like the private sector. And when times turn around and the economy bounces back, I expect a company car, expense account, several thousand dollar cash bonuses, massages at work, etc.
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