10:04 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Vinegar Valentines-sounds great-isn't that this?
    Look, they just jumped taxes last month, and now the Dems want to do it again, but yet Team O is not responsible for this economy and it's still Bush's fault? Wow. WHo's running the show folks?
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  • jstatum@hotmail.com
    With Congress leaving for a week the sequestration is going to happen. I really do not see anything getting accomplished between now and the 1st of March. It appears that both sides are willing to let the axe fall at this point. Neither side wants to compromise with the other sides opinion or offer. At this point it appears that neither side has anything to gain by "not" stopping the axe. This is going to be bad. Fed employees are not going to be able to pay their rent, car payments, and mortgage. Businesses in the D.C. area are going to shutdown because they will not be able to make their lease or mortgage payments because of no business. The repo man will definitely be busy with "LOTS" of business. Might be worth while to purchase a tow truck an work 1 day a week while you are off. Think I am kidding???
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  • Sequester or shut down?
    Sequester starts March 1st, when does the Continuinf resolution rerun out? All I know is we were told we'd have 30 days after notice before any furloughs go into effect. I am wondering if the government shuts down for two weeks, and no back pay would take care of it? Then no furloughs per se.
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  • Continuing Resolution
    I think I heard that the CR comes up towards the end of March -something like the 28th or so.
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  • Current CR Expires March 27
    FERS Fed
    Rumor has it that the CR will be extended for the remainder of FY2013 accompanied by a 5% accross-the-board cut.
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  • what we've been told @ IRS
    nom de guerre
    As little as possible. I have to wonder how this is going to work if this kicks in during or shortly after peak season. I am a CPA (inactive) and don't understand why Congress isn't just cutting agency budgets (more) and letting the agency executives figure out how to make the tough choices. To me, sequestration right now looks like grabbing a hammer to butter your bread...
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  • Government Shut Down?!?
    Big Joe
    Can't wait to see how the upcoming (if no budget passes) Government Shutdown on March 27th plays out if the sequestration is still ongoing.... Whats the difference between a furlough day and a Government shutdown?
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