7:07 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Lack of House Leadership
    I commend Senate Republican leadership for working their tails off trying to come up with a workable solution along with the White House and their Democratic collegues. On the other hand, House Republican "leadership" is totally lacking. "Spineless John" Boehner continues to avoid getting out front on the issue for fear of offending any one of his fellow GOP legislators -- especially those who actually believe sequesture is a good thing. The entire majority leadership seems more interested in proving their own virginity on the matter and blaming Obama, than actually working for a solution. A more useless group of people I have never seen.
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  • We the willing...
    Rock Man
    We, the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long, with so little, that we are now qualified to do anything with nothing... forever.
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  • Furloughs/Sequester
    Marty Lickteig
    During my Federal career, I willingly worked thousands of hours of uncompensated overtime, as did many of my co-workers. We thought our jobs were important and worth the extra effort. However, if the Government implements furloughs, it tells employees that the job is not very important and that extra effort is not needed or appreciated. One-day a week furloughs (in effect, a 20% pay cut) will destroy the sense of mission urgency and will create a feeling of, "if they don't care, why should I?" You can be sure workers will stop putting in extra hours for free. And don't expect them to do 100% of their work in 20% less time. In fact, morale will be so low that getting them to do even minimum work will be difficult. Goodbye extra effort; hello frequent breaks, long lunch hours, and missed deadlines. Once you kill the work ethic, it's almost impossible to get it back again later.
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  • Punt again?
    Will anything be done on the sequestration that POTUS demanded as part of the deficit reduction plan? When the so called super committee was formed, the intent was to replace sequestration with other budget cuts. But, like anything else important, the House & Senate did nothing. While it is likely they will punt the ball on February 28th, the fact the Senate hasn’t passed a budget in the last 3 years is appalling. There are no easy, simple fixes to spending more than you take in for 30+ years. If you or I borrowed and spent more than we made in our household, we would be put in jail for fraud. Many have been eating cake for the last 30+ years. You can’t do that forever. We all know this. Much has been made of sequestration, but it only reduces the GROWTH of spending. There are no real spending cuts. You tell me that there isn’t waste like the DOD paying millions for a study on ocean fish migration? Is that really needed? I’m just saying.
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  • Sequestration
    Any hope Congress and the Cabinet get furloughed? I can imagine, at this point, that would be the only thing they could relate to. We government workers are just political pawns of both the left and right.
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