3:14 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Sea Change
    Its time to change the entire mission of the U.S. military. We need to close down all of our bases overseas in the mid-east, europe, etc. Focus on the Pacific. Why have bases in Germany, Italy, etc.?
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  • Pure hysterics on the part of the military
    which in fact has no basis in fact. The DoD loses over $50B a year in its accounting system...money they simply can not find or account for...the DoD is in dire need of a complete tear down and rebuild. The fraud, waste and abuse in the procurement and acquistion systems is simply close to criminal neglegence. All the services branchs need to be rolled into one branch, the armed forces of the US..do away with the Marine Corps. the AF, the Navy and the Army. A combined unified command structure. One acquisition process, one O&M process, one procurment process. Down size the Army and Marine Corp..create an elite special forces, force as the back bone of our land fighting capability...the DoD appropriation and authorization bill for 2013 has already been passed by the previous Congress. It was around $648B dollars and thats just the part of the budget that is made public. There is an entirely black annual budget for the DoD estimates suggest another $300B. Thats close to a $1T dollar annual defense budget and that is and never will be sustainable. Reduce the mumber o carrier task forces from 11 to 7, one in the Med, one in the mid east, one in Hawaii, one in the Indian Ocean, one in Far East two in dry dock for owerhaul one on the WC the other on the EC. You see it can be done but the service agencies and the command structures are so tied to their individual interests they can even consider doing away with a uniform or a service branch...why we have ALWAYs had an Army...the fact is a unificed command structure doesnt do away with the mission of the Army it simply does away with a specialize brach of the military history or not..we cant be tied to the traditions of the past..this is the 21st century and we have to adapt our military structures and our ability to project power and engage and win on the battle to the realities of the times we face..if we cut the defense budget in half, our spending on defense would still be more than what the combined resources of the next 17 countries combined spend on defense. Time for the DOD to take a big haircut.
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  • Poor Planning
    It is probaby correct that the US spends an inordinate amount of money on defense (and also on sports and entertainement), but the way to reduce that spending is through thorough planning and thoughtful execution: the Sequestration is the coward's way out.
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  • Not only do we as a nation spend to much on defense..
    those expenditures are actually very destructive to the overall economy and economic growth..the economy of defense spending hurts economic growth because it robs those monies from funds needed for capitalization and research and development in the creation of wealth that strengthens economic growth, that leads to and has economic value. The money we spend on defense is really a drain on economic productivity of resources, manpower and the development of new economic activity. The weapons we design, procure, deploy, operate, maitain and retire, have absolutely NO economic value. NONE. They have one and only one purpose, in war. Those monies we spend on defense actually have no place in a free economy. Of course the argument is, well if we are not free and safe as a country then there is no economic freedom..the cost of freedom argument..its a slogan with no merit. Tied to creating fear and clouding sane judgement. We wont have a country if we continue to invest trillions of dollars producing products that dont have any econmic value or create wealth. If we as a nation become so indebted that our currancy becomes worthless we will devolve into the worlds most powerful nuclear third world county.
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