8:03 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Do nothing Congress-Boehner the Lead
    I'll send Boehner the bills I can't pay thanks to the 20% paycut. Perhaps have a "send your bills to your congress person" day. If only. It's too bad we the people can't reduce Congress' benefits and pay to what most Feds realize. Perhaps then they would do something for a change...better yet perhaps we could get their work schedule and their pay. The philosophy here is do more with less, whereas Congress' is do nothing and get more. Were they to have a "real job", how many would still be in that job based on their performance? They set such a wonderful example. Unfortunately, the whiny, entitled public will be screaming why don't we work on the days we don't get paid to better serve them as they have done before. I am not opposed to doing my fair share, but Congress keeps on taking and taking from the Federal workforce without doing any sacrifice of their own. I keep hearing from others in govt that their level of service will be based on their level of pay since going the extra mile during all their career has done nothing except set up a scenario to take more.
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  • "Whiny entitled public"??????
    That whiny entitled public pays your salary. Show a little appreciation that you have a job, with benefits. Many taxpayers do not - - they only have a 401K and Social Security. Even if you have to take a pay cut for a few months, you still have a job. If you don't have some cash reserves to tide you over, that is your fault. By they way, sequestration as a tool and option originated from the White House - - OMB Director Lew and Legislative Affairs Director Nabors. Read Woodward's book. Let's not let the facts get in the way of an agenda to give Obama a pass on all this mess....
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  • Don't Judge
    Don't judge until you've walked a mile in my shoes and by the way, I am a tax payer as well. I used to work for private sector so I do have cash reserves set aside. I know where sequestration originated from. I say let's share the fun: cut entitlement programs, raise taxes and sequester. Why should only Feds have all the fun?
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  • Sequestration
    This is all because of Obama's stubbornness! I'm glad Boehner is finally standing up to this jerk of a President and telling him NO more tax increases. I'm am sick of this administration and all of Obama's lies! He always wants to talk about fairness. How about is it fair for America to be paying $3.50 a gallon for gas when your policies is the cause of this increase. The middle class is the one's that are suffering. Obama needs to ask someone who actually buys groceries about how much they have gone up! Don't ask someone on food stamps, hell they don't care because someone else is footing the bill! Obama, please do America a favor and resign immediately so this country can recover from your mess!
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