4:54 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Making it tranparent
    to the public will be the main thing the heads of agencies will try to do. They will not want to have the public see what the impact of the furloughs is. So, the public and Congress will look at this and say, "Well golly gee folks looks like there is not much impact from having the Feds take one day per week off, lets just continue it!" An easy way to give every Fed a 20% pay decrease. Management will at the same time want the same amount of work done, even with a 20% decrease in the amount of time available to the workers.
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  • Targeted furloughs
    I wish we could target the possible furloughs, like, say, the Federal Protective Service that guards the Congressional office, chambers and facilities and the contractors who run and clean their facilities. If Congress should decide to flee home, we can furlough all the air traffic controllers and TSA personnel. Certainly, anyone who issues Congressional pay or travel reimbursements, and any administrative support staff should be furloughed. Let's furlough anyone who might prevent cyber attacks on their accounts....Not that I am bitter or anything.
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  • Yes, but....
    At the end of the day, the next one will start.
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