7:05 am, May 30, 2015

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  • been there done that
    Nobody N
    Used to manage a technical services contract and one day somebody fairly high up called and asked could we save money by hiring instead of contracting? I said yes but do we have slots to hire into? The number of slots had been reduced 5 years earlier in a cost saving measure. So if the gov't organization doesn't have slots to hire replacements for the contractors at less pay, services will suffer. And that even assumes that there are gov't people who do the same thing the contractors do. Which was not the case on my contract. Train them? Shoot, folks, we wouldn't be talking furloughs and contractor layoffs unless the gov't had already cut out all the training. That's always the first thing to go. The existing gov't employees don't have the money for that. They're living paycheck to paycheck just like everybody out in industry. Convert contractors to gov't employees? Yeah, right. If there aren't any slots there's nowhere to hire them into. Plus they would take a pay cut to convert. Plus another pay cut if the gov't decides later that it didn't save enough and does furloughs anyway. Face it, you are going to have VERY long wait times on the phone or getting emails answered and all those pie in the sky computer things that should make gov't work better are also on the chopping block; the gov't can't afford to pay the people with the skills to do those things.
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  • Balanced Workforce Assessments Are Needed
    It really amazes me the lack of shared sacrifice we see this day and age, but it is upon us if we like it or not. Granted self-presevation is a powerful driver as previously mentioned, nonetheless the need to eliminate the "us versus them" mentality is critical for industry and government to focus on mission and finding cost savings across the board. There will not be any forward movement if we are simply focused on either cutting federal employees, or just cutting contracts. There needs to be be a balanced, strategic approach on mission performance and eliminating degradation through finding what is the best way to get the job done. Regardless, this argument is ultimately a red herring, resulting in the continued negative meme to pit contractors against federal workers.
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  • Its always the other guy that should take the haircut...
    sorry but we are well past that time where there are reasoned choices to make in order to cut Federal spending..so the contractors say dont cut our contracts or cut our manpower support because it will have an adverse impact on the local economy. And the Fed say, laying off Federal personnel or forcing Federal employees to suffer furloughs will also hurt the local economy. I want to ask, what is the difference? The end result has to be to cut spending. What does it matter who is impacted. Reductions in federal spending we all agree have to be made. It will affect everyone regardless of which side is impacted. Its simply a false argument. The local economies have known this was coming for decades and didnt diversify their economic base..they have been feeding at the Federal trough for far to long and now, it all has to end...why havent the local governments diversified their economies? Why didnt they plan for this eventuality...its to late at this point, the cuts are coming and have to come. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is chump change we are talking about in reference to bringing Federal spending in line..and we are crying like a stuck pig over this...wait until the real cuts have to be made..
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  • Service contracts
    The professor doesn't present the whole picture. Cutting service contracts is possible but will require significant work to accomplish the mods and the Government will not get dollar for dollar back for the reductions. It is not a smart business practice and it will further erode the economy.
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  • Indispensable Government Employees?
    I LOL'd at that one. Nobody will even notice the difference when they furlough 20% of the workforce.
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