9:49 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Sequestration cuts
    Sequestration reflects poor decision-making by all parties concerned. It encourages just as bad reactions by those impacted as they scramble to deal with the consequences. Self preservation, whether at the personal, institutional or corporate level, is a strong motivation - it can lead to some wise decisions but as as easily to foolish ones. We need to settle down, take a deep breath and rationally determine what course of action serves the interests of the Nation best.
    The Mayor
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  • Wonder how long it'll be...
    FERS Fed
    ...before some member of Congress introduces legislation to prevent/replace service contract cuts with more reductions in the number of federal employees?
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  • Yes, Congressional decisions as they are, but we must act now.....
    to stay within the appropriations. My foot is hard on the brake at this point, given the uncertain budget, and I have stopped all contract actions for support as early as last month. At least some of the contractors mostly understand the situation, and try to help their people. Other don't, so you let down your people.
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  • seq.
    Sure, cut service contracts. Should have come to that conclusion years ago. We're not cutting spending, anyway. Only cutting the amount of money we borrow to spend. And with defense spending, the INCREASE is being cut from 26 billion to 20 billion. John McCain sez "ANY cuts to defense hurt national security." No, John, you're spendthrift ways (with your buddies across the aisle) have hurt this country. How much is that check you're getting this month from Lockheed Martin?
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  • The AFGE says this???
    What positive influence have they had on anyone in the last thrity years? Absolutely none... They need to be abolished completely.
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