3:08 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Yes moral is low on top of that......
    Wilhelm Heisenburg
    Yes, with talks of furlough, moral is low. More importantly, with all this budget mess, not giving agencies a budget, sequestration, etc.... We can't effectively do our job! How can we commit to contracts when we don't know what our budget is. My office test food. We are having to make cuts in what we test, how many samples, etc... It is very difficult to do your job when you don't know what you have to work with. I like the "No budget, no pay" legislation. I would go further and if they dont get a budget on time, dock Congressional pay. Furhtermore, put congress on the same retiremnet and medical benifits as us lowly feds. There is no reason we can't do multi year budgets today. Congress needs to clean up thier act!
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  • Broken Record
    If you love blaming the GOP for everything from the bad economy to sequestration then you'll love the State of the Union speech tonight. POTUS, who was going to change the tone in Washington once elected, is going to blame the GOP ad nauseam. He'll even use the same scare tactics Dems have used for years to frighten everyone from grandma to college kids. Yes, despite the fact that sequestration was Obama's idea, the GOP will be blamed for all the bad things that are going to happen. So if you really like listening to a broken record then tune in tonight. If you're tired of Obama's blame game then grab the spouse and go see a movie.
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  • Not quite
    Sequestration was not Obama's idea. We can't forget why this policy was put into place, and it wasn't because of Obama. It was a last ditch solution to our last debt ceiling crisis in 2011, when the GOP decided it would use the American economy as leverage for its ideological platform. Democrats certainly aren't innocent, but in this case, the GOP really is to blame, especially the incoming freshmen of 2010.Time and again, the GOP has responded to practical problems with purely ideological solutions. The GOP deserves to be blamed ad nauseum and Obama has been fairly easy on them until recently, fully expecting that they would come around and be sensible. Now that it is clear that they have no such intentions, they deserve to be marginalized and ridiculed.
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  • Blame Game
    So, two guys in a canoe floating down the Niagara River, Obomba (Libya) and Boehner have lost their paddles, are standing up and pointing the finger at each other, and Ron Paul is running down the river bank yelling "get to the shore! get to the shore! (too much debt!) and every time he says "get to the shore" they both stop arguing just long enought to look over their shoulders and yell "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT, TEA PARTY!" Just before they head over Niagara Fools. Talk about blaming the messenger. Let's see, who bankrupted this country? Both parties did. But as this so-called two party system (really two wings of the same party) goes over Niagara Fools, be sure to find someone to blame for the coming hyper-inflation (leading to a deflationary depression). The Germans did during their hyper-inflation. Devalue your currency? No problem, we'll blame it on the Tea Party, who only ever said "sure, as Keynes said, a little debt is good, but that doesn't mean a LOT of debt is GREAT!" Even the demoblicans say we have too much debt. You have to raise taxes AND cut spending. Period.
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  • Nice hyperbole
    What hyper-inflation? We keep hearing from Ron Paul and his accolytes that this hyper-inflation is going to doom us all, but it always fails to materialize. And we aren't bankrupt. Far from it. There's a good reason why we should ignore Ron Paul: he's wrong on all accounts. If you want to know why the deficit is so large, look to the past President. It was unfunded wars, tax cuts, and the measures taken to restore the economy that put us where we are now. And we aren't in that bad of a position when compared to other countries which have gone down the road of austerity as Paul would recommend. It's jobs we need to focus on, not Ron Paul's favorite bogeyman duo, debt and hyper-inflation.
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  • with any luck
    deployed decoy
    As happened after bread went to a million Marks form 10 pfennings in a course of a year in circa 1936 Germany. They had a man come along and save them. His name was Hilter. With any luck. The USA can come out of Hyper inflation beling led by a guy named Bob. He of course will have changed his Chineese name to something western to sound like one of us when he answers the no-help desk phone calls...
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    You have no hesitation to cut salaries and benefits of the middle class workers of the Federal workforce! How come there is no mention of your bennies being reduced in this crisis??? WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES!!!
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  • Here's a thought - sequester part of your civilian take home pay
    Sunna W
    Like many Feds, I am the only significant wage earner in my family, and it has been hard to make ends meet for quite some time. We buy most of our clothes second hand; we shop the grocery store bargains, (very little processed / packaged food) and, we eat a non-meat meal at least one night a week; I drive a car we bought "used"; we have "dumb phones" not smart ones; and I am aware of where every dollar goes. In addition to having taxes taken out at the highest rate (single / 0 deductions) I have also had an amount added to my bi-weekly tax deduction to provide a cushion for emergencies for the next year that comes in the form of a tax refund (and, yes, it's an interest free loan to Uncle Sam). If I am unable to make ends meet during the furlough, I have two options, reduce the amount of forced savings or take money from my emergency fund. I refuse to let those lay-abouts in Congress influence my morale or the spirit in which I serve the American people as a civil servant. federal service is a choice and we have to take the good with the bad.
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  • if only our elected leaders were so responsible
    Sounds like you are doing what most responsible people do, which is live within your means. Buying second hand clothes, only eating out once per week, not buying smart phones, etc. are the sacrifices responsible people make. Unfortunately our gov't thinks it's perfectly fine to run up debt to provide things to people it cannot afford and most Americans seem to think its ok. Those who think we should be responsible are labeled "extremists". Do you feel like an "extremist" because you've chosen to live within your means? Maybe you should use your credit cards to eat that steak, buy designer clothes and drive BMWs.
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  • Heaven forbid that Joe couldn't fly business class to Europe
    Bwah hah hah. 2nd hand clothes? How about fewer celebrity filled helicopters going back and forth to Andrews? Folks, admit it, we are not the elites who run this country. It wouldn't be hard to shave billions. Sorry Big Bird live off your endorsements and movie deals.
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