5:37 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • "...some gimmicky bill designed to fail"?
    FERS Fed
    You mean like voting 33 times to repeal all or part of Obamacare? 'Gimmicky' like that, Senator McConnell?
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  • ...or bombing Libya?
    Bombing Libya, killing more people with drones than even Bush did, no budget for the last three years. I don't really see any difference (except a few measly social issues) between the two parties at all.
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  • Give it time
    I rely on the historic record that, when critical mass is reached, action will be taken. Somehow, motivation is obtained when the consequence for not taking action is more punitive. The 11th hour is approaching and when critical mass is reached, the elected officials will, barring egomania/suicidal tendencies, kick the can once again. The resolution of the long term financial woes should not/cannot be effected wisely in 2 weeks. After all, with 100 years of stacking legislation with conflicting objectives it would take a neutral party years to unravel in a fair and impartial manner that benefitted the country only. But, what would we do for entertainment and anxiety needs if they did their jobs effectively?
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