9:39 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Federal Pay Raise
    No point proposing a pay raise when many will be on furlough or gone entirely. No chance this will get through Congress so it is an empty, if not foolish, gesture.
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  • A 1% pay hike?
    Is this a reward for the survivors? Before you Obama lovers start singing his praises, sing this. If sequestration happens: Federal workers will lose 20% of their pay for 11 of 26 Pay Periods. That means, for those of you who are math challenged, 11/26 X .2 = .42 X .2 = .085 or in simple terms, an 8.5% pay CUT for the year. Following 3 yrs of no increase. That 1% will really help!!! Oh, by the way, do you think that after sequestration that private industry salaries will have caught up to federal salaries by then? Thank you Mr. Obama, your "mandate" is our guide. To quote Wayne and Garth, "We're not worthy!"
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  • Math Challenged?
    Steven P
    In the government? That's impossible!
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  • A 1 percent shut-up ante
    If they manage to get the 1% pay raise through, it will make it easier for the administration to impose another pay freeze for at least another year thereafter. They will try to mollify the workforce by claiming that they gave us a raise the previous year, so we should be satisfied with that will times continue to be tough. Gee, I wonder why times are tough???
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  • Seems to be the new way of things
    Do a minor pay raise (that may or may not pass) and then do a freeze for a few years. Rinse and repeat since that is the only cost savings that Congress can agree upon.
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  • When is a pay increase not a pay increase?
    When it comes from a hypocritical administration that consistently distorts and conceals the truth. Let's see a comparison to the increases in payroll and other compensation at the White House.
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  • Hey
    Govt workers - if you don't like it go get a private sector job. Obamas laser beam has been busy created hundreds of those positions. And he says he's gonna bring out the laser for another hour or so before he hits the links.
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