5:47 am, May 24, 2015

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  • USAF was a leader in the problem; Rampent outsourcing
    Honest Broker
    I come from the Navy side of acquisition, which in the early 1970s and 1980s years did more insourcing to understand their true needs and keep costs down. Unfortunately, they fell in line with the USAF and have gone down the road of outsourcing everything to contractors which are motivated to create unnecessary work and products to make a profit. With 911, the politicians and the contractors did their fear mongering and built a case to go nuts on the DOD spending without any worry about how to pay for it or if we really needed it. This is the perfect storm at our doorstep, so the politicians are using the Govt employees as the final sand bags to stop the water instead of sucking it up and doing real cuts and then truly go back to insourcing the decision making process.
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  • Yup. My contractors made 2.5x my salary. Congresshoowahs pander to the rabble by saying that Fed jobs are cut. Morons vote them back in. Glad I'm retired.
    The Original Joe S
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  • !
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  • Overseas Military Bases
    Why not bring home ALL our military bases overseas? That old canard about being "isolationist" is so played. The French, Germans, Russians, Brazilians, etc., etc, don't have their military all over the world and somehow THEY'RE not isolationist. A bankrupt nation always prints money, causing crazy inflation, and then (as Argentina just did this week) imposes "price controls," thereby creating an efficient black market and making it even worse. The fools always go over Niagara Fools and of course they always find someone else to blame for it.
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