12:43 am, May 30, 2015

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  • The Congresshoowahs beat on the Fed worker, but THEIR pay can't be touched! Glad I retired. Send me that money every month!
    The Original Joe S
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  • Just wait for that check to be less
    when they start playing around with the inflation rate and move to a chained CPI. It will happen, it is just a question of when.
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  • Mike has run out of material
    Is it me or has Mike C run out of news material? He seems to be stuck reporting the same type of non-stories everyday. Sounds like he is just mailing it in at this point. Too bad, he used to have a good column. And yes, I have been a loyal reader for many many years.
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  • Seems to me that the big news
    is the impending furloughs and there are a lot of moving pieces around that. I for one was worried about the impact on retirement calculations so I am glad that he addressed it. Sorry it wasn't a home run for you but it is still important information for someone out there.
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  • Retired 31 DEC
    deployed decoy
    Well I will give this to OPM. I go my first interim FERS retirement check on the very first day possible. That said it was $1395 on 1 Feb 13, about 38% of what I should be getting based on my agency High 3 numbers. Since I had 11 working days in December 2012 paid in January 2013 and 208 hours of cashed out annual leave. My earned income for 2013 was over $11,000 before I even got my first retirement check. I wont be getting full retirement for a very long time, because I have already told OPM the instant they go final with those agency numbers, I am naming the OPM Director in a federal law suit. Cant go back to work because after I earn just $3000 more this year. I work for about 40 cents on the dollar for the next $25,000 or so, due to the retroactive hits working would do to my FERS Social Security Supplement. As for pay freeze. I did get my base overseas GS12 step 10 back for my last day of federal employment and all my leave was paid at step 10. Problem is, I held GS12 step 10 in April 2004. Carried that pay and step into NSPS, so I didn’t get the WIGI BRIBE in, to NSPS. Through the marvels of beings a NSPS valued employee. On 20 June 2010 when we went back to GS. Those fools CUT my pay over $6,000, then took that REDUCED pay directly into overseas special rate table 99AF. Made me a GS12 step 9 (NINE). I wrote Senator Akaka early in 2012, he pushed the law killing NSPS. Both OPM and DoD refused and failed to answer the Senator, since retired. Wait them out appears to be the norm. MSPB tossed out my case back in 2010 based on a very tight definition of Basic Pay. Some enterprising fed found that redacted MSPB case in the public record and posted it on federalsoup. Apparently, 1000s of us had this same problem. The beauty of eating dry beans for the next several years. Is going to be, the instant OPM accepts my agencies (Army) high 3 as gospel. The judge at MSPB is standing by to ACCEPT a new case based on incorrect high 3. However, I am thinking a federal wide EEOC age based (retirement is age based, as well as part of the sealed case I was forced to accept or meet the Secretary of Army in federal court in 2012), class action lawsuit is the way to go. I can then dig up my sealed hostile work area settlement, since the basis for that was the problems I encountered in NSPS and my pursuing retroactive salary because of the NSPS mess, and this is specifically allowed in that sealed (as in agency admitted no wrong) EEOC hostile work area complaint. They bought me off on that one. Too bad, I can open it up and bring all that up in federal court now anyway. I lost nine years of high grade and step held due to NSPS. I did not earn over $16,500 in basic salary while in NSPS because specail rate was NOT paid outside the USA during NSPS. Then since reconversion to GS. My base salary was fixed exactly 10% low. Because contrary to CFR 530.322, when they reconverted me to GS, they failed to add special rate pay in addition to (on top of) base non-covered pay system basic pay. Anyone else out there want in on this. As noted federalsoup is a great site. Allows for private chat between registered members. I have at least three people that have claims in various places in OPM and the courts working with me now. I say we furlough the entire staff at DoD Under Secretary of Personnel, and DA G1, FOREVER, that way they can still look for work since they were not removed from federal service for the good of the county, just to cover the future punitive damages on this NSPS mess.
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  • everyone's cross to bear is different
    DD: I'm not in your boat but wish you luck. Never had NSPS, which sounds like a blessing. Having FERS over CSRS is bad enough. Never been to Federal Soup but I may check it out. I went west last year so won't be able to do it this year, otherwise I'd try to do lunch. I do know a good lawyer in Memphis who's won against Sam if you want one.
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  • NSPS was good to me
    Thanks to NSPS, I retired at GS13 step 10, instead of step 8. Can't complaint about it.
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  • Ya Ya Ya
    deployed decoy
    Had I not been outside the USA for 12 solid years, AND got out at the right time in NSPS. I to would have made out. It was a matter of no special rate pay paid in NSPS overseas and all overseas folks on the very basic fed pay table. Most feds dont even know of that one. somthing like 13% less than RUS. Least we forget I was in a combat zone all but 6 months in NSPS, but State Dept killed federal war pay in 2008 while military still gets tax free everything to this day. But U think U did good step 10 instead of 8. One lady I know (and was in the middle of my hostile work area case) went from a brand new promoted from GS9 to GS11 circa 2005 to a GS14 circa 2009. All thanks to NSPS and in part to hire your buddy...
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  • Good to hear from you
    DD, Nice to hear from you, you have always added to any topic. Don't be such a stanger!
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  • Furloughs
    Issa and the rest of the goons will not suffer any loss of pay due to the furloughs! Darrel Issa is a multi millionaire and believes that we make too much money! The federal employees do not have a friend in Congress. Thank you AFGE for help putting Obama in office! I have really prospereed as a federal employee since he took office!!!!! The econom,y is great!!! What a mess our government is in. A President and First Lady who spent money like drunken sailors for the first four years! We will never recover from this idiot after four more years of cluelessness!!!
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  • have you forgotten? it's Bush's fault
    Obamacare will cost less than $1 trillion - LIE. Your healthcare premiums will decrease $2500 per year - LIE. If you like your plan and doctor you can keep them - LIE. I will not raise your taxes one dime - LIE. The list of LIEs goes on and on.
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  • Well, that's what happens when...
    FERS Fed
    ...you have to deal with the GOP. ..... Don't believe it? Look at the number of GOP bills that have been introduced to try to change Federal employees' pensions AFTER folks have worked their entire careers earning them. Breaking agreements, contracts, or promises mean nothing to these people. They're like that little pissant British governor in Pirates of the Caribbean -- "It's just good business".
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  • Yes it is Bush's fault
    He and the Republicans gave us the Bush and the Republicans Depression. I guess if you did not work for the government, you would appreciate the legislation giving you health insurance by 2014. Look how many lost their jobs and health insurance due to your friends' depression. My health insurance premiums have not gone up alot since Bush came in. And Obama has tried to raise taxes on the wealthy. Too bad your friends would rather t=raise your taxes. I hope the reversion of social security taxes back to the original figure is not in your statement that Obama raised your taxes.
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  • Congress Will Get Paid
    Weeks ago I watched the debate on the Bill that would allow Congress to not get paid if they don't overcome this crisis. It might be against the law, but that did not matter because Congress was going to but their pay in escrow and received it later in a lump some after they solved the crisis (see the double negative in the first sentence keeps true to the laws of math). Is that how federal workers are going to be treated?
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