1:03 am, May 23, 2015

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  • No doubt that
    North Korea, Iran and various other rogue nations are just waiting for a chance to take a shot at the US, knowing that we will lack the full capability to respond.
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  • DOD spending money wisely? I doubt it, too much money at stake
    Honest Broker
    We all recognize the need for a strong defense, but our leaders in Washington are very greedy and want a piece of this huge DOD pie. By relying heavily on outsourcing to commercial companies especially services, they get better cash flow back to them. Govt employees cannot afford big contributions, so it makes financial sense for the politicians to take it out on Govt people first. Our Govt Civilian and Military personnel even have a hand in the cookie jar in the form of post retirement jobs. I thought a Govt retirement was pretty good, but throw on top of that a 6-figure retirement job salary that is a pretty sweet deal. Unfortunately, its causing back door deals and generation of unnecessary products and services. Panetta knows about these unneeded expenses, but he is too afraid to put them on the offering table. I wonder what he gets out of this big show about saving the full DOD budget? I bet he's been promised all kinds of cash income; book deals, speaking engagements, consulting jobs, etc. Everyone has a stake in this DOD pot of money, so its crazy to think they will make a decision to cut back except to the Govt employees.
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