6:34 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • $1 Billion a Day
    deployed decoy
    Plus or minus a little. To pay off the current debt in 50 years (assumes zero interest). It takes a combo of savings and cash flow increase of about $1 Billion a day. Now would someone please tell me that locking up and shutting down the entire federal Govt (including all social bennies and DoD, well except for attack subs) and a 20% nationwide sales tax would even come close to this amount. We are not leaving this mess to our kids. We are leaving it to the species that replaces humans. Because at $1 a second (opposed to the about $10,000 second for 55 years I used in the billion example.) it is going to take 550,000 years to pay off. And, we are not even close to that $1 a second amount now. Im guessing congress has this covered. pay the military in surplus cheese and beef. Take a note from Beaf Eater England, hard times, it does matter to congress, you know. The direction of the muzzle flash when all these grand lies fail...
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