11:22 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • 5 day delivery
    What nobody has yet mentioned is the added strain on the remaining workforce. The carriers already see a much heavier volume on Mondays, and the Tuesdays following holidays are horrendous. How will the postal service compensate carriers for this added strain? Will routes be cut to help compensate? How will the pay scale be changed? And the part-time workers, how will working less keep them interested in the job? There are already offices where there are not enough subs to give everyone a day off, where carriers cannot even get off work to go to the doctor if they are sick. And the added stress keeps them sick.
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  • Don't worry!!!
    Congress will take the PMG's lead and the President likes 5 day delivery already, so its done. There's enough whiners in the PO that think 5 day delivery is the panacea that will give them Saturday and Sunday's off. But who will deliver the parcels only on Saturday's? Who's to say that it won't lead to Monday's, then Tuesday's, etc. being non-delivery days. If the other federal agencies had to prepay health care for FUTURE retirees to the any level as the PO does, they wouldn't be around much longer either. Congress wants to kill the "unionized" PO for only that reason to begin with. Conservatives want to creat jobs, now there's a falsify, only if minimum wage, and not that much hourly pay if it could be prevented.
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  • more overtime not less
    City Carrier
    Jason Miller I am a city carrier and I think you will be surprised to find that overtime will get worse. There are only a few Monday holidays in the year , but every Tuesday that follows those holidays I have three days of mail that put me at a 12 hour day. That 12 hours is overtime for two hours and penalty time (2x) for two hours. With the change over to eliminate Saturday deliver, I will experience this 12 hour day 52 weeks of the year. That adds up to a lot of overtime. Sincerely One of many City Carriers
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