3:46 am, May 23, 2015

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  • What is wrong with this plan
    The Union doesn't speak for me so i will say I like this plan. There is no talk of furloughs, not one federal employee will be overworked (Yes, I am a fed). A little extra work sounds much better than no pay.
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  • Why don't the politicos show they mean business?
    My experience
    I think the American public could accept this proposal if they changed it from freezing their pay, to witholding their pay. That shared sacrifice they keep taliking about!!
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  • Yup, beat up the Fed worker! Plays in Peoria! Replace 'em with CONTRACTORS costing 2.5x as much!
    The Original Joe S
    If the government weren't STEALING money from the less than 50% of the people who PAY TAXES and giving it to the indolent and undeserving, there would be sufficient resources to fund the Defense of our Empire. Glad I'm retired.....
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  • Lockheed Martin
    Translation: Lockheed Martin's paying me big bucks and I've got those jobs in my district, so no way am I cutting my own pocket book. Problem is, none of these machinations matter when the credit ratings agencies downgrade U.S. debt to the next level down (one stup above junk status). The U.S. has a higher debt-to-GDP than even Spain. Without any serious cuts to spending we'll be Greece in 90 days. Both parties fiddle while Rome burns.
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  • "...downgrade U.S. debt to the next level down (one stup above junk status)"?
    FERS Fed
    Do you just make this stuff up? There are three credit ratings agencies that evaluate US debt -- Fitch Ratings, Moodys, and Standard & Poor's (S&P). Only S&P dowgraded US debt from AAA (outstanding) to AA+ (excellent). The other two maintain the US credit rating as AAA. ..... 'Junk' ratings are considered to be anything below BBB-/Baa. There are 8 credit ratings between AA+ and BBB-/Baa. ..... Can you provide ANY documentation to support your continued claims that US debt is about to be downgraded 8 levels to below BBB-/Baa?
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  • The only real problem, and it is a massive problem is . . .
    Mike McMike
    Entitelments. Period. If we don't address entitlements, all else is useless. The bickering over federal staffing is pretty useless.
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