11:12 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Attrition?
    Fed Oldtimer
    Can hardly wait to see one Federal firefighter or EMT doing the job of three. One Federal Police Officer, Park Policeman, Marshall, Secret Service member, doing the job of three. One CIA operative. One FBI Investigator. One VA nurse or doctor, all doing the job of three. One VA Claims Examiner or disability Rater, doing the job of three. If you want to cut waste, how about we get rid of two thirds of the House of Representatives?
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  • Fed Oldtimer...Agree...
    Remember Carter/Reagen, when the Smithsonian closed, the monuments closed, the public parks closed. Remember the public outcry... Custom Officers at port of entries and airports, one doing job of three with lines backed up so far, takes hours to clear customs. Border Protection having to cut back on officers on patrol,but thats OK because nobody from Mexico will want to come to this country, they will stay where the jobs are being sent, Latin America. IRS employees cutback during tax time, long waits for the refund checks. Our security of our nation is at stake, and these fools we elected to office are playing chicken, That is a good way to cut waste, close down the Government, wait until John Public finds out how much these Federal Worker do, and John Public is shut out. This willl get very interesting the next few months....
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  • Downsizing the Federal Workforce
    I think this is an excellent opportunity to shrink the Federal Workforce. Many successful companies do more with less and it is time for the federal government to do the same. I am a fan of Barak Obama and believe much of the problem we can be traced to G. W. Bush, so let's not continue with the ways of the past let's become lean and successful for the future. I am a federal employee and most of the people I work with are truly outstanding, there is a lot of excess waste that can and should be dealt with
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  • LOL
    "Everyone agrees that sequestration is terrible policy," Kelley said in a statement. "Plans to implement it on March 1 should be abandoned, but doing so with a 10 percent reduction in the federal workforce is foolhardy and would result in short staffing that could last for a decade. These congressmen are out of touch...they only listen to what report to them through "Hearing". Make people do more for less...trust me..i am retired from the government and when i used to be in there..we have a lot of deadwood doing little.
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  • GOP's reason on reduction of federal workforce
    GOP represents interest of companies. It pays to take funding from GS billet and shift it to private contracting. With this private companies will benefit. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out their drive to reduce federal workforce. At the end of the day you still need people to carry on the work so why not let it be contractors? From a GOP's view your wallet will grow if you succeed in shifting the funds from white badges to pink badges. Say it ain't sooooo
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