1:54 am, May 23, 2015

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  • What??
    Rock Man
    And her qualifications that make her a good candidate for Secretary of the Interior are...... what??
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  • Wonderful
    When I initially heard this, I was hoping that maybe, due to her background at REI, that public lands might be opened to the public again and an outside chance of revamping the Clean Water Act. But when I heard the Sierra Club applauded her appointment I knew we no changes would be forthcoming. Oh well....maybe the next one
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  • Biking no more
    I wonder if Ms Jewell was aware that one of her favorite activities...biking....is no longer allowed in many of the public parks anymore. Thanks again Sierra Club!
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  • disgusting!
    One pig (Ken Salazar) passes the baton to another pig (Sally Jewell)...
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