9:32 am, May 23, 2015

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  • I'm glad I beat the rush!
    The Original Joe S
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  • OPM retirement claims
    I retired in late Sep and my retirement claim was processed before the end of Dec. I think they do an amazing job and should be congratulated for working so hard.
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  • Hold the applause
    The article fails to take into account that the cited improvement in OPM's processing of retirement applications did not involve anything more than throwing more money into expanding its primarily manual application processing paradigm, e.g., hiring more processors, rather than focusing on what OPM has consistently proven itself to date unable to achieve, i.e., a sorely needed reingineering of the retirement application processing function through existing automation tools. As the old saying goes: "if you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll just keep on getting what you've always got." The article claims that among OPM's efforts was acquiring enhanced technology, but that belies the fact that Mr. Berry himself terminated the failing RETIRE-EZ automation initiative almost two years ago, admitting that OPM couldn't achieve a successful outcome. This was primarily due, according to GAO reports, because OPM proved unable to oversee and give guidance to its primary contractor for this program, Hewitt and Associates. OPM has a long track record of misadventure when it comes to automation initiatives (think USAJOBS 3.0 as well), but at some point, one hopes, there will be found the necessary adult supervision to enable the agency to reverse this record of failure.
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  • OPM fixed? Wow, it must have been really bad - Plan on 3-6 months
    Honest Broker
    Because of all Govt employee demonization, benefits threats and my technical field being completely outsourced, I decided to retire back in Oct 2012. I received a partial check in Dec 2012. In Feb 2013, I am just now starting to see the full amount. My processing person said I was a clean and easy account, but with all the manual paperwork I should plan for 3-6 months for my regular paychecks. I agree with Jeremiah, the system is broken. I can empathisize with Hewitt and Associates, because I had the same problem with my own command. They claim to be an acquisition organization, but they do not even have an automated work flow system. They had several different databases and no automated interfacing, so the data had to be retyped over and over again. Since I had relational database development experience, I volunteered to help and even pulled in working personnel from all sides to consult on the project. Unfortunately their upper management felt threatened by what we exposed about the duplication, manual entry latency and metrics about processing times, they killed the project. Based on Jeremiah's statements, I bet they have the same problems. I'm still not getting my supplements from social security, so I hope those start coming soon or I'll have to start digging into my savings even deeper.
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