5:01 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Bet you a rootbeer agencies will be mum but who cares
    Lisa Lisa
    There isnt a fed employee out there that isnt aware of whats going on unless they dont see and hear. I just dont see at this point what agencies would have left to share. We already know our importance in the grand scheme of furloughs from last year. If you manage contracts you know there hasnt been much movement except for those associated with operations. If you are a contractor, you know the same to be true. I always plan for the worst and I have taken my cue from DoD-which is that they will cut a day a week (Plan and have already calculated my additional losses (Plan A). I have also planned that I might be laid off for a period of time-maybe a month(Plan B). We have money in savings and income tax refunds to rely on should S hit the fan. I am prepared as I can be and I dont need my agency to share the doom and gloom-Im prepared. Now, if there are RIFs, that would..well..that would plain stink but I know I am safe from that. All said and done, I just dont think my agency will say anything until we get closer to a reality. We are still weeks away and I think most of us have come to realize we arent human beings, we are pawns in a big chess game.
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  • isnt that life
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  • got sequester news
    My agency gave us the news today. I'm not happy. I can tell you there will be no more going out to lunch even for special occasions like anniversaries, etc. I'm not working through my lunch breaks or cutting them short. I will also leave on time
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  • Always take your lunch
    I learned a long time ago that my 30 minute lunch break is precious. I get away from work, clear my head and think about things that really matter. It is too bad that it took this for you to realize you are just a pawn. Trust me, when you leave your job you will be forgotten about in a few years. Look out for yourself because no one else will. Dedication is one thing but pay is another. Remember you don't get paid for lunch!!!!!
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  • Wait, what agency do you work for?
    Are you saying that your agency pays for your lunches for special occasions like anniversaries, etc? You're lucky, my agency, we have to pay for them and do raffels, ect and use our own time (IE lunch time or use leave). Theres no FREE anything here! My DoD agency gave us the news, which was pretty much, go to the OPM site, we'll give you 30 day notice and theres no money for anything... Basically, a waste of an hour since everybody knew all that anyways...
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