1:45 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Furloughs
    You people who voted for Obama are getting what you wanted! This President hasn't got a clue on how to get this country back on track. The only thing he knows is tax and spend! Spread the wealth! That is Obama's motto. Do you think the President, VP, or the Congressmen or going to lose 22 days pay! I called Sanford Bishop and asked how he could justify giving Egypt a billion dollars of equipment from OUR tax dollars and then look at the federal workers in his district and tell them he has to lay them off due to shortage of funds! Guess what, I won't get a response from Bishops office. He is an Obama puppet!
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  • Better than the alternative
    Better than Romney and what's his name giving us a huge downturn in the economy. And could you imagine the pig with lipstick as vice president or even president. I shudder at the thought.
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  • As opposed to the reigning VP?
    As opposed to the present court fool, suffering from a non-lethal whiff of Joker gas, Biden? At present old Joe is clomping thru Europe on his gaffe tour. Can't tell Portugal from Poland. Imagines he spent 35 years in the national security council. But did make a singular admission, in Munich, Biden admitted that, while President Obama sends troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, he "doesn't want to go" there himself.
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  • Tax and spend
    The GOP likes to spend for good things, like wars and pork that help their campaign cofers - money from special interests and captains of industry. We don't need no stinkin' taxes. The Dems like to spend on infrastructure and invest in the American people. Not all taxes and spending are equal.
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  • How do you invest in people?
    You mean education? Seems like everytime Uncle Sam spends more on college, the higher the tuition goes. Maybe they should try spending less and see if tuition goes down?
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  • Furlough vs buy out
    Regulation indicates that early retirements would be the first consideration to avoid furloughs. However, I have heard nothing about buy outs but understand furlough letters have been issued.
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