6:16 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • pay losses to furlough PLUS no raises
    Lisa Lisa
    OK. No raises for the last few years. No problem. Is anyone keeping a running tab of all of the losses a fed employee will take with furlough? Not only lack of raises, but rising health care (a loss), and if a furlough hits (another loss). So what will our total losses be with furlough..30 percentish? And yet...how does Congress' pay work? Pay and health benies for life? They only thing sucking the economy is Congress. Their unbelievable pay and benefit package long after they leave Congress too. Seems to me this is a PERFECT time to get term limits for Congress and once they leave the govt, they DONT GET PAID. They are no better than failing CEOs who get millions in bonus no matter how badly they do.
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  • The problem is Congress has to pass an ammendment for term limits
    And they'll NEVER do that! I hope we don't get that .5 percent of a raise. It would only add about $15 to my take home pay and it would give them leverage to say "Well, we gave them a pay raise in 2013, so we can freeze their pay for another 35 years..."
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  • no raise no problem
    There is always the contracting side to go to. I don't see any contractors around me getting pay freeze since they are all funded for. Funny how they're always crying about how bloated the federal is yet they always have fundings to hire contractors.
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  • "A lot of private-sector workers would be very envious of that,"
    Hmmm, where were these private sector workers when times were good? They were laughing at low paid federal workers. Their bosses and sharholders got greedy and when the economy tanked, they were disposed of suddenly making them envious of federal workers. You unemployed private sector workers got what you deserve. And if you're still unemployed, that's ONLY your fault. I bet there isn't a single blank help-wanted page in any newspaper anywhere. But, you still cry the umenployed blues.
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  • is this guy for real?
    Andrew Biggs must be a world class moron. If you compare the average federal employee to any major corporation, the pay and benefits are far less, and the restrictions on how fast you can progress are far greater. The only real benefit is job security and the satisfaction of serving your country. Which is something the Biggs apparently has no clue about.
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  • Take That! Tire of being a punching bag!
    Kathryn L.
    So my husband is a federal employee. He has not had a raise in several years but the cost of benefits have gone up. So we have effectively had a pay decrease. He does NOT make more than those in the private sector. The closest thing to a raise we'd seen was the payroll tax holiday that they let expire and NOW they want to freeze increases again?? We seeing our pay go down AGAIN. While I agree many agencies could be run more efficienly why are federal employees being punished for an ineffective congress/senate and for spending policies over which they have no control. That is where the problems are - don't take it out on people who are just tryig to do their jobs like anyone else whether they be in the private or public sector.
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  • Where else but in Washington, DC would it make sense to say,
    "postponing a vote on extending the federal pay freeze" ?
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