10:15 am, May 26, 2015

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  • The Era Of $200 Toilet Seats Have Indeed Inured Us to Those Cries ...
    Steven P
    ... as true as they may be.
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  • So what is the solution
    You will never get someone to agree to a cut if they are leading a program. Like a football coach, he always want the sign the best players.
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  • Obvious There Is Some Fat That Can Be Trimmed
    Steven P
    But bureaucracies do not EVER trim fat and waste. Maybe sequestration isn't a bad thing for the rest of us? If only we'd sunset the ridiculous benefits and subsidies that we foolishly (and unconstitutionally in my view) allowed to be foisted upon us ...
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  • fat boy
    deployed decoy
    Well those fat men in high places using terms like the military cant respond. need to take a closer look at the fat boy program of the 1950s. We have come a long ways since then. a 5kT air burst strike on a target goes a looong way towards evening the playing field. We are losing this war on terror $5 trillion to $12 (dollars). time to go the most finanical way and just end this crap now... or has the Air Force also stated we have lost air power over countries like Sudan and Syria???
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    ...like the rest of the Government! How many times in the past has the DoD been exempted from budget issues involving Fiscal Year appropriations and other budgetary problems? Like FOREVER! During the Prez Carter years we endured major cut-backs due to Vietnam having wound down and training, maintenance, etc...took major hits! Suck it up and quit whining! You're not the special poster child anymore! What a shame you'll have to employ military personnel to perform the duties that your legions of contractors do, like cutting grass, painting, etc...you've been so spoiled! You guys have been cutting troops from all the branches like hotcakes recently and not even due to sequestration! Empty the Pentagon out...there's too much deadwood there and put them back into line outfits!
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  • Do you think it's the Pentagon's / JCS idea to hire contractors?
    The Original Joe S
    Who mandated contractors, which cost at least 2.5x the cost of a soldier / civil servant? It's the Congress.
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  • DoD has $11 trillion from past years appropriations plus that the DoD and supporting Agencies haven't spent and in procurement
    DoD has $11 trillion from past years appropriations plus that the DoD and supporting Agencies haven't spent and in procurement on top of this years $850 billion plus not counting another $60 billion plus for intelligence. Then we have duplicate Homeland Security projects and the list goes on and on. For example: Not to leave out over $1 trillion MIPR to other Agencies to "hide" the money just as the famous Dr. Bull's (killed by Israel intelligent as depicted on the History Channel on a 2 hour program) which cost over $1 billion for the long range gun project in 1991 where the money when from the DoD to the Dept of Agriculture, then to a Bank in Atlanta, GA and finally to building the partially completed gun. There are 100s of projects as far back a 1946 that are still being funded by the DoD which was briefed to the Senate in 1994 with a large chart of 100s of other projects and still being funded. And the list goes on and on. Just like flushing "money" down the toilet. Another example: We have close to 20 aircraft carriers and now building 2 more, one in VA and the other in WA, to counter one China aircraft carrier that doesn't even have airplanes to fly off it's deck nor will they have for at least a few more years - plus. What the "h***", let Feds print more money and the "h***" with over 60 million poor in this country. America is Dead just like the British, Spanish, etc, and the Roman Empire went but without the telecommunications technology which makes out situation nth times worse. BOTTOM LINE: Cut DoD by at least $200 billion dollars and improve the management of projects. Also cut other Agencies under an intelligent 3 month review by a partial non government experts. This is only the "tip-of-the-iceberg".
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  • The Air Force would love
    to stop having to procure C-130s and the Army would love to stop having to build tanks they don't need but Congress will not let them stop. It would be amazing what would happen if Congress were to completely butt out of one budget cycle and see what agencies say they actually need. When Congress starts adding in their pork to get jobs in their district, that is where the waste of money is going.
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