11:50 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Effect of Furlough on Annual and Sick Leave
    During a furlough, is your accumulated leave also reduced by 20%?
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  • if you are furloughed enough - you lose the leave accrual
    5 CFR § 630.204 (Fractional pay periods) states “When an employee's service is interrupted by a non-leave-earning period, he earns leave on a pro rata basis for each fractional pay period that occurs within the continuity of his employment.” The explanation provided on the following OPM website gives a couple good examples http://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/pay-leave/leave-administration/fact-sheets/effect-of-extended-leave-without-pay-lwop-or-other-nonpay-status-on-federal-benefits-and-programs/ Basically, for every time that an employee hits a total of 80 hours in unpaid leave status in a calendar year, they lose the annual and sick leave accrual for a pay period. So if we were to be furloughed 22 days at 8 hours per day between March 28 and September 31, we would have a total of 176 hours in a non-pay status and would lose the sick and annual leave accrual for two of those pay periods.
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  • furlough
    I'm still not clear. Are you saying that if your pay goes down by 20% for six months, that your high three for purposes of retirement remain at the salaried rate and not what you actually got paid? I'm sorry, but I didn't understand what the "good" news was?
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  • furlough impact on pension calculations
    I did a little research and looked up the citations that were indicated as the basis for John Elliott’s answer. It looks like the good news is that if we get furloughed, as long as the furlough time does not exceed a total of six months of workdays in any single calendar year, the time still counts as creditable years of service when it comes to calculating a pension. The down side is that there is no indication (or reason to believe) that lost wages can/will be added to actual earnings when determining the average of the high 3 earnings that are used for calculating a pension.
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  • Furlough
    If I get furloughed, I'll spend my furlough day at the beach. I won't eat out, won't drive anywhere, will turn out all the lights at home, not spend any money, turn off my phone and just walk to the beach, read a book and enjoy the day. The economy will feel the pinch just like me.
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