7:54 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Term Limits?
    Steven P
    Should have been introduced when the legislature put limits on POTUS. But that would ask for intellectual honesty from the same folks who exempt themselves from the regulation they foist upon the rest of us. disgusting hypocritical criminal enterprise, is what Congress is. Not illegal to use insider trading?
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  • Get real
    Congreve is never going to put term limits on itself.
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  • Well, since Congress would have to pass such a "Term Limit" law
    Good luck with that!!!! I don't see them willing to vote themselves out of their cushy jobs. I would LOVE to see their pay reduced, though. Why in the world does Congress believe they're entitled to nearly %200K per year, benefits, and paid staff? And for what was envisioned as a "part-time} job?
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  • Term Limits
    The Constitution of the Confederate States of America included term limits. And before the Rebel jokes start, one should note that the northern states tried to secede from the U.S. in 1814.
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  • Reduced salary means more miillionaires
    David L.
    We have enough millionaires and billionaires in Congress now. If you reduce their pay and benefits, then Joe Average citizen can't afford to run for office. A citizen legislature needs to have the ability for an average citizen to serve.
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  • Campaigning
    JR Samples
    Too much time is wasted trying to get re-elected. Maybe with term limits, members of Congress will get a little more work done.
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