4:42 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • We have term limits.
    Mike McMike
    We don't use them. It's called election day. Alternatively, I would be willing to entertain executions.
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  • How to Hunt a Good Politician
    Georgia legislature once had a bill entitled "How to Hunt a Good Lawyer." Took a month for them to realize it was a game bill -- designated lawyers as varmints, with rules and seasons when the critters could be hunted. Allowed live trapping for the few pretty ones.
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  • Ben, this site doesn't let me vote.
    Mike McMike
    But thanks for the good laugh!
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  • Re: Term Limits
    GetOffYour Butts
    Term Limits___deny to voters the Right to elect who they want. Term Limits are worse, because then they would not care at all, since they do not have to run for re-election. By not having to face the voters for re-election then they would do ANYTHING they wanted to do. Denying the Voters the choice they want to elect into office is not Democracy. I don;t switch dentists or doctors every 6 years. I do not want to switch elected officials Unless there is a problem with them. Pushing out anyone by using Term Limits who is doing a good job is brain dead foolish indeed.
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  • "...Unless there is a problem with them"?
    FERS Fed
    The country is $16 TRILLION in debt courtesy of our national legislature. That enough problem for ya?
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  • CDS
    ...which pales in comparison to the over 300 trillion in credit default swaps (CDS) the banks hold on their books.
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  • CDS Value Overstated
    I've read all sorts of estimates of the value credit default swaps -- from $300 to $600 trillion globally. However, I've never seen backup for such claims. Doubtful that CDS values could be for more than the entire value of all global assets -- doesn't compute. Best estimate I've seen for the US CDS is about $25 trillion.
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  • Don't change in mid stream?
    So you are OK with your elected officials being bought and paid for by corporations over the course of multiple terms?
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  • Term Limits
    Don't you understand that Politicians run for office fron day one. That's all they do. Therefore they are prey to every lobbyist who contributes to their campaign. Try electing someone with common sense and decent values. Let them vote for the common good, not your particular agenda. You may elect them but they swear to uphold the Constitution. Glad you don't switch doctors. Hope that holds when Obama care is fully enacted.
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  • there's a better way
    Term limits directly increase the power of special interests. This happens because representatives no longer have the time to form firm networks or develop a deep understanding of the process, so power shifts to the lobbyists who have unlimited time to develop such things. A much better way would be constitutionally mandated, non-partisan commisions for redeistricting in every state, with strict principles to prevent gerrymandering in the first place.
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  • I think not
    I like the idea of term limits for executives - mayors, governors, presidents, etc. - but not necessarily for those who theoretically more directly represent the people. Not perfect I agree but just how I feel.
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  • Term Limits isn't the answer
    Amending state constitutions to mandate a non-partisan redistricting process is the answer. Republicans in most states and Democrats in several states have used scientific gerrymandering to create Idiot-Proof Districts. By Idiot-Proof, I mean those districts are so one-sided and the primary processes are stilted to the point that only the worst idiots can lose re-election to the House of Representatives or State Legislatures. Those idiots in the House who lost the last election can be counted on one hand. The consequence isn't senility so much as life-long stupid blind adherence to restricted idiotologies such as Norquists no-tax pledge, failure to incur debt to improve infrastructure (some of us understand that debt is called "a mortgage"), Sequestering, the Fiscal Cliff... Lets stop slamming the octogenerians when the worst offenders are in their 40's.
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